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Dear Members:

This group is for people who love wine but are not wine snobs. We are always looking for people who enjoy tastings at wine shops, restaurants, members home's (backyards!), BYOW-tailgates, festivals, etc. Anything to do with wine is fair game!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUR PAST EVENTS for a good idea of "who" we are.

We try to do events of some sort virtually every month. Indoor events in the winter and outdoor events in the summer>>> our summer key-note events are our four BYOW wine tasting events at Ravinia Park. I target for events with low admission fee's (usually $10) so we can enjoy wine & each others company. We set-up (BYO-lawn chair) in a giant wine-circle, drink wine and yap! What's not to like?

Because there are so many wine groups out there, I prefer to keep our North Shore Wine Group tastings to those suburbs that actually have.. a shore! (i.e.: on Lake Michigan).

After some tastings, but not all, we take a "field-vote" and some of us may go somewhere local (to our tasting location ) for a lite dinner/after snack. If you think you might like to do this, I suggest you bring some small bills so we don't drive the waiter crazy with a half-dozen plus different charge's.


Looking for tips on pairing wines with cheese's? I "picked & patched" the below from Vinepair.com. A Cheese & Fruit plate works for just about any event. [Be sure to invite me!!!] Jim

· Port... and Bleu Cheese.

· Prosecco... and Parmesan.

· Sauternes... and Fondue.

· Cabernet Sauvignon... and Aged Gouda.

· Chardonnay... and Gruyere.

· Rioja... and Manchego.

· Riesling... and Ricotta.

· Malbec... and Aged Cheddar.

· Pinot Noir... and Brie

· Pinot Grigio... and Mozzerella

· Beaujolais... and Feta

· Viognier... and Jarlsberg

· Merlot... and Monterey Jack

· Sauvugnon Blanc... and Goat Cheese

Compliments of Vinepair.com

Your Organizer Team:

Organizer & Faithful K'nave: My name is Jim McCarthy. I like Wine. And food. That's mostly it. Compliments of Uncle Sam I spent a few years in the Rhine River Valley, Germany, and still love Riesling's and German whites to this day.

Founder: "My name is Debra Gordon - my husband and I are long-time wine lovers who moved to Highland Park from Virginia. Looking forward to making new friends and there's no better way than over a glass (or two) of good wine! Maybe with a side plate of cheese & fruit?"

[Note: Debra Gordon & her husband, Keith Gordon also wrote "Wine on Tuesdays: Be A Serious Wine Drinker Without Taking Wine Too Seriously". Published by Thomas Nelson (2008) and available at finer bookstore's and, of course, Amazon. jim]

Our dress code is jeans and shorts and casual's! Oh my.

jim mccarthy

Ps: I am regularly asked about the other groups I organize - I do three... they are:

1. (ART) Chicago Art Gallery, Museum & Fair Openings +
2. (WINE) North Shore Wine Group https://www.meetup.com/Highland-Park-Wine-Group/
3. (DOG’S) Dog Trekker's - Wilmette/North Shore Pack

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Hang in there!

Needs a location

Dear NSWG Members: I hope everyone is doing fine during these times. Every generation seems to get one great challenge and this seems to be ours. We will obviously take summer-ish off ... but I am working on some Socially-Distanced (outdoor) ideas for us. In the meantime think BYOPS. (Bring Your Own Picnic Stuff!) Stay tuned to your favorite Meetup group! haha My favorite quote for tuff times: 'We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.' Anon Jim McCarthy PS: IGNORE the date/time/location etc. Mother Meetup requires "something" to do a group posting.

Nov: Lets keep together by telling jokes!

Needs a location

Dear Members: While we are sheltering-in-place. I thought we should still keep in touch. So... why not tell a few joke's? The rules are super-simple; 1. Keep 'em clean... or at least sorta clean. 2. Keep 'em short... or at least sorta short. 3. That's it! I will start.... see "comments". Take care everyone: My favorite quote for tuff times: "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." anon'' jim

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