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This Meetup was started to help self-identified adults with the HSP trait to connect with and learn from one another. Although some of us are introverts, it's important for adults who are highly sensitive to meet with one another to share friendship as well as the challenges and joys of our trait. We like to connect with others of our kind as we grow wiser and stronger in a non-HSP world.

If you are reading this you probably have a good idea of what a Highly Sensitive Person is and likely are one. If you are not sure - “HSP” is based on the work of Elaine Aron in her groundbreaking book “The Highly Sensitive Person”. You can find more information about the HSP trait at her website: . You can also jump right to the online self-test at:

In a nutshell, high sensitivity is a normal, inherited trait found among 15-20% of the population. Signs of HSP include:

• greater awareness of stimuli, like sounds, smells, temperature, and textures,

• having a vivid imagination,

• being quick to see patterns and connections,

• giving deep thought to the world around you,

• being very aware of the people around you,

• needing and enjoying time alone each day,

• being very conscientious.

Being Highly Sensitive is *NOT*:

• a problem or illness to be fixed or cured,

• being easily hurt or offended,

• emotional sensitivity,

• the same as being timid, shy, or socially anxious.

We are happy to welcome new members and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you.


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