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Many people who's hearts are awakening are HSP's, intuitives & empaths. Because of our sensitive nature , we can feel isolated, left out and different. Many of us are adept at personal growth, yet we need to come together with other like minded, caring people. These gatherings will foster a deep sense of belonging and of being supported in your unique, extraordinary nature. Be seen by other sensitive eyes, met in clear, caring ways, get support to self actualize and share in fun adventures.

We have bi- monthly gatherings and fun heartfelt adventures.

This is an invitation...
~to come out from hiding in a fun and safe way
~to navigate the experiences of life in safe, awake and aware ways
~to listen to and relate from your intuition and heartfelt caring
~to get support for goals that honor your HSP nature

$5 for outer adventures and $10 for in home circles
to cover meetup expenses

Andrea Jackson; Global Empowerment Mentor

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