AT – Water Gap - Choose Your Own Adventure Hike 12, or 18, or 27 mile Hike


This is a “The Best Of” hike for the lower Water Gap National Park. Plus, I’m turning another year older & figured I should do as many miles as I can before stuff starts needing to be replaced…. J

This is a pick your own adventure hike. There are three options. We’ll be keeping the three groups together throughout the day. Thus, it’s important that no matter which hike you choose, you must be able to maintain a 3 mph pace throughout the day.

Please plan to be 15 minutes early to this hike. We cannot wait for late hikers.

When you RSVP, please indicate which option you are planning on hiking.

Option A – 12 +/- miles (end time 5:00 pm)

Mt Minsi, Mt. Tammany, beginning of Dunnfield Creek with one water crossings

Option B – 18 +/- miles (end time 7:30pm)

All of Option A plus, Sunfish Pond, Raccoon Ridge & Copper Mine Ruins

Option C – 27 miles (end time before midnight)

All of Option A & B plus, Catfish Pond, Catfish Fire Tower, Rattlesnake Swamp, Mohican Outdoor Center, and roughly 5 miles of night hiking. Yeah!!!

The National Water Gap is an amazing park, and the lower section has just a plethora of natural wonders. We will all be meeting at the same parking lot, at the base of the Copper Mine Trail. We will then be shuttling cars to the back of Mt. Minsi.

When you RSVP, please indicate which option you are planning on hiking.

Please plan to get to the parking lot 15 minutes early. We will be shuttling to the start point, and do not have time to wait around in the morning.

Supplies Needed & Resupply Points

Boots w/ good traction, Lunch, Snacks, and 3L of water is a must for all Options, and a Dinner for Option C hikers. We are parking a car at 6 miles in. You can put stuff in that car if you would like to resupply there with water (for more than 3L), snacks, and your dinner (we will be having lunch before we get to the car). Other than the car at the mile 6, there are NO RESUPPLY POINTS along this hike. Please bring plenty of water, snacks, and food.

The weather is changing regularly on us. Try to limit the cotton you are wearing. Quick Dry or 100% Wool are the best materials to be using. Cotton retains water, and makes for miserable hikers.

If you are doing Option C hike, a RED-LIGHT ONLY HEADLAMP is a must. We will be hiking in roughly 5 miles in the dark with Option C, but the path should be fairly manageable. Below is a link to a cheap red-light only head lamp. Sorry, but using a white light headlamps will NOT BE ALLOWED on this hike.

Bringing a set of Hiking Poles is a good idea for this hike. Below is a like to a great set of poles that have a lifetime warrantee.


Dogs are allowed on this hike, but must be on a 6’ lease (park rules). The dogs must be able to keep a 3 mph hike pace. If they are doing option C, it’s advisable they have red light on their collar so the other hikers can see them in the dark.


Gear Recommendations

Energizer 200-Lumen LED Headlamp Battery Flashlight

HIKING POLES are very useful, especially during night hiking. Cascade Mountain makes great poles that are light & affordable. They also provide lifetime warrantees for their poles (which I’ve used, and they’ve honored it without any problems). The company provides multiple grips & styles

Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles



By attending this hike, you are agreeing that you are responsible for your own safety at all times. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any damages, accidents, or liabilities incurred while hiking with us.

Safety First…. So We Can Have Fun!

As always, I want to make “Having Fun” a number one priority of my hikes. To do that means we need to be safe. Thus, I plan to lead my hikes with Safety as an upmost concern. We will keep the group together, and leave no one behind. I definitely want us to have a workout on our hikes, but there should always be a focus of having a fun, enjoyable, safe, social, yet drama free environment!

I look forward to seeing you on the trail!!!!


After Hike Dinner Options

Kelly’s Ice Cream (Open till 9:30 pm)

4325 North Delaware Drive

Mt. Bethel, PA 18343


Nazareth Diner (closest 24-Diner South of Water Gap off 33)

581 Broad St, Nazareth, PA 18064


Mt Bethel Diner (open till 10 pm on Saturday)

2600 N Delaware Dr, Mt Bethel, PA 18343