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7th Anniversary hike & Paxton's picnic: Fahnestock-Stonecrop, Perkins & CB Loop

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Let's celebrate this group's 7th year anniversary with a another hike and "Teddy bear's picnic".

This loop hike will include field and woodland trails and feature some lovely views of the surrounding hills, a hemlock forest with creek, and a couple of lakes/ponds.

Note: It is not legal to swim in the ponds, so cooling off will be limited to our feet, if you wish to swim Canopus lake offers a beach and a swim area with lifeguard and is just down the road from the trailhead.

Distance: ~ 5-6 miles

Terrain: Moderate/Strenuous for Beginners, Easy/Moderate for Intermediate hikers: hiking trails with undulating terrain. No major mountains to climb, however there will be some elevation gain.

Pace: Moderate

Dogs: On leash or full control of the owner.

Members only hike (writing +1 in your RSVP comment does not mean you can bring along a guest)

Meeting point: We will meet on Rt 301 at the trailhead (red trail marker) 2.7 miles west of the Taconic State Parkway, the google map is wrong use the directions below.

After hike potluck "Teddy bear's picnic": After the hike we will drive a 5-10 mins west to the Hubbard Perkins Wildflower garden to enjoy a potluck picnic together, please remember to bring a friend for Paxton!! See further details for the picnic below.

Hike and picnic will likely be completed by 2/2.30 pm, although folks can linger at the picnic if they desire.

What to bring and wear: Bring plenty of water (it is going to be hot), snacks, insect repellent and sun screen. I would recommend hiking boots or sturdy sneakers.

Meeting point: Take TSP to route 301 west, Go approximately 2.7 miles west, or about 5.9 miles from the intersection of 9D and 301 if you are coming from Cold Spring area. There is no parking lot at the trailhead, you should pull off on the wide shoulder, the trailhead is marked with a large brown sign on the northern side of the road, indicating the "Charcoal burners trail" . Just park off the road behind the white line, make sure you are behind the white line so you don't get a ticket. If you see another car parked in area you are most likely in the right area as cars only park at the trailhead in this section of road. There We will be taking the northern trail.

Potluck picnic

Paxton (our hiking bear mascot who works hard at events greeting our members) cordially invites you to this special event to celebrate the group’s 7th year anniversary. After the hike we will drive over to Hubbard Perkins, there we will enjoy a 'potluck' picnic with Paxton and your bear – yes Paxton has requested that all members bring a bear (or some other furry friend) that they think he might enjoy meeting!

What to bring:

Dish: This will be a ‘potluck’ picnic, so please bring a dish to share with the group (plus serving utensils if applicable). Please indicate in your RSVP what you plan to bring, so we do not end up with 10 of the same item.

Drinks: Bring your own drinks. Alcohol is permitted, however we need to make sure we drink responsibly and discretely.

Seating: There are some picnic tables but a camp chair would be useful.

Bear or other furry friend for Paxton to hang out with.

What will be provided:





Cancellation notice I will be monitoring the weather prior to the hike and if conditions are not suitable the hike is subject to cancellation. Please make sure to check your email/site prior to leaving for the hike, cancellation notices will be sent prior to 7:30 am if required.

Liability Waiver: This is a social group of like minded individuals that enjoy hiking, it is not organized by a professional hiker. Hiking or outdoor activities have inherent risks. Your participation in our hikes or other events could be dangerous and can result in serious injury, medical emergency, even death. By signing up for this event, you agree to participate completely at your own risk and to take full responsibility for your own safety and well being, including those of your guests.