9 mile scenic round trip hike at West Fork Trail on Hwy 39 (Azusa Ave.)


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Carpool: We will meet at 60 hwy and Diamond Park and Ride. (Diamond Bar Park/Ride 100 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA) There are two park and ride on Diamond Blvd. We will meet on NE lot at 7:30 am and leave 7:35 sharp. Please call, text, or email if you are interested in the carpool so I can arrange it. (626)[masked].

Note: Make sue to not to go too far. The parking lot is on you left hand side of the road right after you cross the bridge on Azusa 39. Also you will see a gate and a sign that says Cogswell Dam right before you cross the bridge.

I really liked this hike. It was an easy and very relaxing hike with beautiful scenary and shades.

We will meet at the entrance to Forest Route 2N25. There are two parking lots right next to each other so park your car in the parking lot and meet at the entrance.

Time: We will meet at 8:30 and leave by 8:40 sharp. There is no cellular reception so if you are late, please join some other group and hike with them. Parking is limited.

Contact: Please call Joshua(626)[masked] if you have any questions.

Here are some other things to remember:

You will need wilderness/adventure pass to park or you will get a ticket from forestry service. You can purchase it at sporting stores like REI, Sports Chalet and etc. or at forestry service stations.

Make sure to bring some food for yourself and maybe bring some for others to share.

Bring at least 4 to 6 bottles of water.

Make sure to cancel your reservation if you are not able to make it so we are not waiting for you at the parking lot wondering whether you will show up or not.

West Fork of the San Gabriel River

The West Fork of the San Gabriel River is 8 miles above Azusa in the mountains. This trail is a service road that starts from the Highway 39 West Fork bridge and heads 6.5 miles west to a small campground, gaining 450 feet elevation in the process. Just past the campground, the trail rapidly becomes quite steep and eventually reaches the top of the Cogswell Dam.

The West Fork trail starts at a bridge crossing the river. (Altitude 1590 feet)

The crowds and grafitti are largely gone after a mile, now just the occasional fisherman, hiker or bicyclist.

A secluded waterfall and inviting pool about five miles from the trail start. (Altitude 2000 feet)

A tranquil stream near the Glen Trail Camp, about six miles from the trail start. (Altitude 2040 feet)

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