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This group is for anyone interested in hiking longer distances (7+ miles), trips to cool pubs, and hanging out with like-minded individuals! We hike for several hours and then head over to a local brew pub. If you consider yourself an intermediate-skilled hiker, you are welcome to join us! Hike for Beer Next Step is a great combination of fantastic outdoor exercise and fun social interactions. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver on your first hike with the group.

If you feel that you are not quite ready to join us here (beginner-easy/medium skill-level hikers who want hikes under 7 miles in length), but you want to meet us and get to know our members, join our original Meetup group (Hike For Beer) where we seriously know how to have a good time! Most of not all of our leaders and members are involved in both groups! The people in both of our groups include different generations, genders, backgrounds, and cultures and we all bond over hiking and beer, food, wine, chocolate etc... this is a great group of hikers to be part of!

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[Quick Note:
Hike at your own risk. This group is simply friends coming together to hike through the woods with each other and then go to brewery's and events afterwards. Please consider your own skill level when deciding which hikes you would like to participate in. If you attend a hike, you should always research the area on your own prior to hiking in order to familiarize yourself with the area and hike difficulty. If at any time during a hike you should be concerned with the trail, the duration of the hike, or your experience level, feel free to stop at any point and walk safely back after letting someone with you know.
Always hike with plenty of water!

And of course, this goes without saying, but must be said: Any time you ever consume alcohol, always drink responsibly, and NEVER drive drunk or impaired. Don't drink and drive, drive with someone who has not been drinking or take an Uber.]

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71 Mile Backpacking - Massanutten Trail - Strenuous - 4 Days

Elizabeth Furnace Family Campgound

The 71 mile Massanutten Trail is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia. GWNF is my favorite place to day hike(Signal Knob, Kennedy's Peak, Buzzard hill, Woodstock Tower.) This 71 mile backpack/thru-hike has been on my bucket for years. Several HFBVA backpackers have expressed interest in backpacking the full 71 miles so this event is our starting point. We'll start early Friday morning and finish Monday evening. We'll average 18 mountain miles a day so you'll need be in good shape. We'll get resupplies from HFBVA trail angels. Sorry no short options, you're either in for the full 71 miles or not. If we have to carry you or your backpack to complete the 71 miles we'll figure that out. We'll hike as team with respect and support towards all. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/virginia/great-massanutten-loop

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North Fork Mountain Trail / Very Strenuous / 24 miles / Day Hike

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