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Wicked pretty paddle. The town of Dedham recently opened a water trail. It is about a 3 hour paddle almost all of it down current except for a small old cannel 1/4 mile long .I have already paddled it. It was a nice relaxing evening. I had no idea it was so pretty around there
The paddle takes you under 4 bridges, past Nobel and Greenbough school and a couple of parks. It is very pretty and slow moving. Wicked relaxing so sight seeing comes naturally. The best part is you pull out were you put it. There is plenty of free parking and boat access is free too! They have bathrooms rite there up in the center. the trail is mapped out with signs along the river so you cant get lost.
The recreation center dose rent a hand full of kayaks and canoes. They have 6 kayaks at $ 10 per hour $40 for the day returned by 4pm and 2 canoes at $15 an hour and $40 for the day. They are first come first serve. No reservations taken. But we should be ok. This is the resident rate I was able to get the rate because I work for the town. So even if you are a non resident. As long as I am there with you will get the lower rate. So please wait for me unless you want to get there early and paddle on your own for a while. The non resident daily rate is $50 a day. As I said I have made the loop in under 3 hours so $30 should cover the rental
The weather looks good a High of 66 partly sunny. It should be perfect

After we could meet up over at Legacy Place for some food and drinks