let's climb a 4k in NH


Needs a location


Let's hike a 4,000 footer in NH!

Looking for a hiking buddy for Saturday, please rsvp if you are interested and we can coordinate. I have this narrowed down to a few options and will finalize the hike by the end of the week.

Anticipate a full day's hike (in the 7-10 mile range) at a moderate-slower side of moderate pace (I'm not a fast hiker, I like to enjoy the views).

Some possibilities I am thinking are Field and Willy (with the possibility of Tom on the way down depending on timing), Hale (with maybe zealand), maybe one of the presidents (madison?).

You should have some previous hiking experience in NH and have your gear squared away including:
- boots
- poles
- personal first aid kit (bandaids, mole skin, etc)
- head lamp
- rain gear
- water (2-3 liters at least)
- snacks/lunch
- shell/warm layer
- no jeans/cotton clothing
- hat / sunglasses
- bug spray
- pack big enough for all your stuff

RSVP is you have an interest and i'll reach out. we can choose something that will be suitable for us all