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Welcome to Hikers Against Mountain Biking in Parks

The group focuses on organizing hikers into a political force to offset the powerful Mountain Biking lobby.

The small Mountain Biking groups are vastly outnumbered by hiking enthusiasts. Possibly 11 to 1. There are over 235 hiking groups and clubs in the Bay Area. There are less than twenty mountain biking groups and clubs in the Bay Area.

Then how can such a very small group have so much success, in getting formerly, single track, hiking trails, converted into combination, mountain biking and hiking trails?

Simply because they have an organization that possesses; the organized political, marketing, social media skills and financial backing.

Now there is a specific voice, for safety for hikers and walkers. For the solitude, quiet moments, park goers had relied upon, a place to get away from it all. That is the reason for this Meetup.

Most of our parks' resources and attributes have engendered peacefulness, solitude and a safe place to enjoy them. I don't need to preach to the choir about the injuries to hikers, the general fear some hikers have of a mountain biker approaching. The damage to areas along off-trail, tracks, ridden by mountain bikers.

The general breaking of Park rules; that will limit their riding.

That's why this Meetup was formed; in hopes enough hikers and walkers will join. So we have a critical mass by bringing the hiking community together to stand up for their rights.

With a goal to have an organization that possesses the organized political, marketing, social media skills and bit of financial backing; that strongly represents hikers and walkers.


Taking care of the legal side of things now, please read the following:

Legal Disclaimer

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It is each one's responsibility to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared, fit and healthy to participate in the event, understanding that these are physically demanding activities. Footing and walking surfaces will be uneven, rocky, root covered, steeply uphill and/or downhill. You are expected to bring sufficient footwear, water, food, and appropriate clothing, as well as first aid and any other necessary equipment.

Hike organizers make no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By coming on an event, you warrant that you have read and understand and are accepting all of the above and the transportation that may be involved below.

IMPORTANT: Event organizers are NOT responsible for anyone's safety. We are not responsible for any vehicle involved incident during the event. We are NOT responsible for carpool arrangements to the Meetups, or for any accidents during carpools or while riding in a carpool, public or shared or private transportation arrangements of any kind and the injuries that may occur during transportation, to, during or from and after an event.

By joining as a member and/or attending an event offered by this Meetup, you are agreeing to the terms above in every respect.

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