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Friends of Mt.Tam Annual Spring Wildflower Hike-Preview, volunteer tagging time. Help out to flag the about 40 species of wildflowers, most native, some endemic and some very rare. After we complete tagging you have the option to stay a little longer for an introduction to hike leading and "sweeping". We'll go for a scenic hike a couple of miles and discuss leading hikes on Mt.Tam.

Botanist, Doreen Smith, Chair, Marin section of the Calif.Native Plant Society will guide us through the fields of Wildflowers. We'll be marking WF locations with gardener's wire flags. Help out and learn first hand about this year's wildflower bloom. Our location is in the Rock Spring area of Mt.Tam.

Copy the name of a flower below and use this link to see a photo: (


(Listing of many of the native plants usually seen flowering in mid-April, especially along the O'Rourke's Bench Trail and nearby. Google any of the names for photograph.)

1.Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii Borage
2.Bitter Cress Cardamine oligosperma Mustard
3.Blue Dicks Dichelostemma capitatum Lily
4.Blue Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium bellum Iris
5.Buttercup, California Ranunculus californicus
6.Checker-bloom Sidalcea malviflora Mallow
7.Clarkia, graceful Clarkia gracilis Evening-primrose
8.Claytonia, small Claytonia exigua ssp. exigua Miners'-lettuce
9.Clover, various Trifolium spp. Pea
10.CottonTop, Q-tips Micropus californicus Sunflower
11.Cream-cups Platystemon californicus Poppy
12.False Lupine, Gold Banner Thermopsis californica Pea
13.Fine-lace Sanicle Sanicula laciniata Carrot
14.Gilia, miniature Gilia clivorum Phlox
15.Goldfields Lasthenia gracilis Sunflower
16.Hawkweed Hieracium albiflorum Sunflower
17.Hedge Nettle Stachys rigida Mint
18.Hog Fennel, Biscuit-root Lomatium dasycarpum Carrot
19.Iris, Douglas, yellow Iris douglasiana Iris
20.Iris, ground, blue, Iris macrosiphon Iris
21.Linanthus, baby-stars Leptosiphon parviflorus Phlox
22.Loco Weed, Brewer’s Astragalus breweri Pea
23.Lotus, yellow, various Lotus spp. Pea
24.Lupine, various Lupinus albifrons, L. nanus, L.bicolor. Pea
25.Milkmaids Cardamine californica Mustard
26.Miner's Lettuce Claytonia perfoliata Miners'- lettuce
27.Morning Glory, vine Calystegia purpurata ssp. purpurata Morning Glory
28.Mule Ears narrow-leaf Wyethia angustifolia Sunflower
29.Onion, paper Allium amplectens Lily

30.Orchid, Calypso Calypso bulbosa Orchid

31.Orchid, coralroot, spotted Corallorhiza maculata Orchid
32.Pennyroyal, native Monardella purpurea and M. villosa Mint
33.Pepper-cress Lepidium nitidum Mustard
34.Phacelia, blue Phacelia divaricata Borage
35.Phacelia, white Phacelia distans and P. imbricata Borage
36.Phlox, slender Microsteris gracilis Phlox
37.Plantain, dwarf Plantago erecta Plantain
38.Plectritis, short spurred Plectritis brachystemon Valerian
39.Popcorn Flower Plagiobothrys nothofulvus Borage
40.Poppy, California Eschscholzia californica Poppy
41.Red Maids Calandrinia ciliata Miners'-lettuce
42.Rock-lettuce Dudleya cymosa Stonecrop
43.Rock Baby’s-breath Minuartia douglasii Pink
44.Sanicle, various Sanicula spp. Carrot
45.Shooting Star Dodecatheon hendersonii Primrose
46.Soap Plant (in leaf) Chlorogalum pomeridianum Lily
47.Star Lily Zigadenus fremontii Lily
48.Strawberry, wild Fragaria vesca Rose
49.Sweet Cicely Osmorhiza berteroi Carrot
50.Woodland Tar-plant Anisocarpus madioides Sunflower
51.Thistle, Cobweb Cirsium occidentale Sunflower
52.Violet, Mountain Viola purpurea var. quercetorum Violet
53.Willow Herb, Tiny Epilobium minutum Evening-primrose
54.Woodland Star Lithophragma affine Saxifrage
55.Wood Rush Luzula comosa Rush
56.Yarrow, White Achillea millefolium Sunflower
57.Yarrow, Golden Eriophyllum confertiflorum Sunflower
58.Yerba Buena Satureja douglasii Mint

Mission Bells

Goldfields Lasthenia gracilis Sunflower

Western Azalea (May-June) Potrero Camp, Mt.Tam

Described below - What We are Preparing For and Will Take Place the Next Day

At the Rock Spring Trailhead, located at the intersection of West Ridgecrest Blvd. & Pantoll Rd., Friends of Mt.Tam, the volunteer arm of Mt.Tam State Park, will again organize this yearly event. Join Botanists & Docents as we view up to fifty different wildflowers in bloom, at elevation 2000', only two miles from the Pacific, in the Rock Spring area of this spectacular Park. The flowers will be flagged for easy identification so you can get to know them. Almost all are natives and many endemic, on a county and sometimes statewide basis and sometimes a very rare one will be in bloom. The Calif. gold fields may be gone, but we have our own spectacular Gold Field flower in bloom among the stark but beautiful, faulted, serpentine rock. A sight not to miss, and once seen not forgotten. We will break up into smaller groups and tour the wildflower areas with those familiar with the flowers present. You may even see the rare Mt.Tam Jewel flower.

If you would like to get acquainted with some of the flowers out there, here is a link to one of three brochures of Mt.Tam Wildflowers prepared by Professor Marguerite Murphy a Mt.Tam Hike Leader.
Marguerite has also written an App for the Iphone that can be used to identify the wildflowers of Mt.Tam.
Hikes always meet on time and leave sharply at the time listed. If you are late you will miss the hike.
For hike details, maps of Trails and Trailhead location, distances, voicemail #, etc. go to and begin at the Hiking section.

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