What we're about

This is an activity group for all ages and abilities. Friendly pets are welcome.*

We do 1 or 2 group things per month usually on Saturdays. This is not a 'singles' group - though inevitably many singles will participate.

This is a safe group for people who believe that all people are created equally and should be treated equally, with respect, Love and care. This is especially a good group if you not only believe that - - but consciously practice it!!!

*Unless your pet has ever bitten someone.

** Especially we believe in the COMPLETE equality of men and women - in every way apart from a few physical differences.

** Especially we believe in COMPLETE race equality - in fact, the very idea that there is anything but the 'human race' is barbaric, outdated, and devolved.

I live every single day trying to Love myself Unconditionally and all other people too (visit AwakeLove.org (http://awakelove.org)).

Most of my activities require a considerable level of fitness. For example, Poo Poo point to me is 'Easy' below.

I will add a descriptor to the Meetups as follows (I'll add a +/- to add more detail):

Hard - Example - Camp Muir day hike OR 50+ miles on a bicycle with hills.

Medium - Example - Summit Mt. Defiance/Mailbox Peak OR ride 40-50miles with hills.

Easy - Example - Hike to Talapus Lake in summer OR ride bikes around Lake Sammamish at Cascades group 'brisk' pace.

Picnic - Example - Walk around a flat park for a few hours OR ride bikes around Greenlake.

Study - Example - Sit at Starbuck's and learn how to use a Compass.

Volunteer - Example - Spend a few hours working on Homeless data collection.

Social - Example - Meet for dinner or a movie.

Our activities are more experiential than goal oriented. What I mean by that is, I'm out to be in nature and have a relaxed fun activity. I am not out to summit Mt. X "no matter how tired I am or the weather conditions" --- in other words --- I have, and often do, STOP half way or 3/4 way up a mountain and say 'I'm good for this one'. If you would be bothered by that, I encourage you to join another group like 'Peaks' --- they climb to a peak on every hike no matter what.

Sometimes, we will do a really challenging activity (to me I call climbing up to Camp Muir on Rainier challenging). More often, it is just a solid workout (I call climbing Mt Defiance or Mt Si a solid workout).

I was almost killed in an avalanche and my dearest friend was indeed killed in an avalanche (and thankfully resuscitated ). And, I have been the first responder at an avalanche where 2 were almost killed and 1 was killed. The memory of their experiences taught me very valuable lessons. Avalanches in the PNW will KILL you!! Beacons are used mostly to locate the body in this area. Therefore, I NEVER do ANYTHING that even smells like avalanche territory. I'm exceedingly cautious/safety oriented because I don't see or have a need to take risks of that kind. Again, go out with the Mountaineers and/or Peaks for some serious adventure and risk-taking --- they will argue against what I have said and that's OK with me. There is plenty of fun to be had without unnecessary risks!

** If you have ideas for activities that sound fun to me or you that do not involve any drugs or alcohol, please let me know and I'll set it up! **

Things this group does...

0) Sometime event meetups - like movies or other things.

1) Snowshoeing
2) Hiking
3) Backpacking
4) Backcountry skiing
5) Cycling
6) Recumbent rides
7) Seattle bicycle touring
8) Wilderness navigation hikes
9) Bernie Sanders / Jill Stein - I will from time-to-time post activities that are political. Things such as anti-gun manufacture/sale/etc, anti-police violence, pro-women activity, humanitarianism, gender LGBT equality, rights of poor, rights of homeless, homelessness, anti-porn, anti-female abuse, etc. I'm a guy and I believe women are completely equal. I host Awake Love on meetup and I created the AwakeLove.org non-profit.
10) Ferry Bike rides
11) Ferry Bike touring
12) Wednesday's I host the Awake Love meetings (occurs weekly) - find it here on Meetup.
13) Mountain biking (rarely - but open to your suggestions) -- I do this less frequently as it's more of a pain to load the bike.
14) Mountain bike camping (rarely - but open to your suggestions) -- I've not done this yet -- may do one this summer.
15) Canoeing (rarely - but open to your suggestions-- if you have a canoe or more than one let me know and we'll set one up) - I do this very rarely even though I have a Canoe. I stay out of the rivers because they are too dangerous for me. Something like floating from Redmond to Red Hook brewery is safe enough. If you know of comparably safe floats/paddles please let me know.
16) Inventing (do you have an idea) -- If you would like to know how to patent something, let me know and I'll set up a meeting for that.
17) Anything else that sounds fun to me or you that does not involve any drugs or alcohol. Please let me know.

I add this because I care ...

STRANGER DANGER: Myself or leaders of this group don't know or vouch for ANY of the people who show up --- NOT ONE. Don't trust strangers that you have just met - especially YOU young women and men. We can ONLY vouch for leaders at this point. I can assure you that I'm a safe person to be with under all circumstances. Please be wary....I have know women personally who have been predatorized and raped as a result of being too trusting of online meetings gone bad.

INHERENT RISK: As of today, there are no experts in this group. Nobody is qualified to lead any event. We are simply inviting you to come along as a friend on various activities that we personally participate in. You participate at your own risk. Inherent natural hazards are associated with back-country travel, cycling, or any physical activity. We do not - nor do any organizers of this group - accept any liability for accidents/injuries in connection with the activities published herein or on linked sites. By participating in any event of this group you are agreeing to release me (Pat Vulk) or any other organizer from liability. See section 6.2 of Meetup's terms of service - they apply here too. By becoming a member of this group you are providing an electronic waiver which you agree to be equivalent to a signed waiver that shall be considered legal in a court of law.

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