Moonlit Skyline Hike - Very Strenuous

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Palm Springs Art Museum

101 N. Museum Dr · Palm Springs, CA

How to find us

We'll meet in the museum parking lot. I really want to start on time.

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The full moon is April 25th but I want to hike with a near full moon and the latest moon rise I can get. That is why I picked Sunday over Saturday because the moon rises at 10:58 pm.
This hike is not closed. Everyone must sign up on the Waiting List. This is a VERY strenuous hike that ascends about 8,400 feet in about 8.5 miles. We will start at the Skyline trailhead, which is adjacent to the Palm Springs Art Museum parking lot.

We will take the tram down. The cost for a one-way ride is about $12.00.

We will then share a cab back to the Museum. The total cab fare (with tip) is about $28-30 so we try to get 4 to 6 people per cab. That means you must pack some cash in your pack and bring change, not a single $20 bill.

Bring AT LEAST 3 liters of water or hydrating liquid. This is a critical requirement for mere mortals hiking this trail. If you can do the hike with less than 3L, then you should not be hiking with me!

Bring all your hiking essentials and food or energy bars, gels and definitely electrolytes or table salt. Sodium is especially important to prevent or stop cramps. I recommend ingesting electrolytes before you begin the hike. Because of the vast difference in temperature, layering is essential, so make sure you bring appropriate clothing for warm (in the lower sections) and cold (near the top) conditions.

Currently, there is not enough snow or ice on the upper section to be an issue. Microspikes and poles are not needed.

NOTE: if a member of the group is struggling or going MUCH slower than the group and if the group then decides that it is in the best interest ( of everyone for such a member to turn around and head back down the mountain (only in safe conditions of course) then a struggling or slower member must turn around and go down. Such actions ensure the safety of the entire group. Please respect this.

Also, due to the extreme nature of this hike I am closing it for regular sign ups. If you would like to attend please sign up on the waiting list. If I have hiked with you before, know about you or can tell from your prior hiking experience that you will be able to do this hike at a reasonable pace, I will add you to the list.

Links to weather forecasts:

Palm Springs:

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Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - Weather and Tram Cams:

San Jacinto:


Every year there are many rescues on Skyline and over past years several hikers have died. Please do not attempt this hike unless you know that you are capable of doing it and please bring the necessary essentials. Skyline is especially dangerous in warm or hot weather. Please note that you agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself, and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of a death due to any reason, by signing up for this event.

All hikes are at-risk events and this one is even more so.