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Mt Baldy via register ridge, Harwood, and West Baldy! 11 miles 5500 gain!

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Manker Flats

Mt. Baldy Road & Falls Road · Mt. Baldy, CA

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Merry Mustached Man! also we should be waiting by the trail entrance :)

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I will be posting Sunday hikes for the next 3 weeks as I have USC season tickets and have games to go to each Saturday (9/7 9/14 & 9/21)
I am open to suggestion for hikes on 9/15 or 9/22 unless someone else posts something cool, in which case I reserve the right to tag a long if available space! On 9/15 I'm thinking about doing a variation of Jackie's hike up to baldy and down the far side hitting pine and dawson as I haven't touched those peaks yet.

We're heading up to Mt. Baldy via. The Register Ridge ( Devils Backbone Trail), which will also include hitting Mt. Harwood, Mt. Baldy and West Baldy (in that order). This is a VERY STEEP tough hike! even though it is only 11 miles, you need to be a strong hiker with a big heart to do this hike comfortably. The body is weak, but the mind is strong! However, the main portion of this hike is to do The Register Ridge to Baldy, so it's not mandatory to do the other peaks. You could just head straight up the Devils Backbone after doing The Register Ridge, and we'll meet you on Mt. Baldy... or you can just do Harwood and Baldy...etc. Either way, we'll be taking the Ski Hut Trail back down to Manker Flats. This isn't a very long hike, but it has some "meat" on it, but that works in our favor, cause that way we can take our time and enjoy the day!

Register Ridge Description:

This is the ridge that you will follow all the way up and is the SE Ridge, called Register Ridge, that goes up toward the summit of Mt. Harwood. Stay on the ridge, which is pretty steep, and keep climbing up. You will come to a distinct flat spot, about 3/8 of a mile below the Baldy Notch Trail. There is also an outcrop of rocks here that one can turn to the right or left to get around, or scrmble directly through which would be class 3. From here, this is the steepest part of the route in which you gain about 800 feet in a quarter of a mile. Eventually, the climb up the SE Ridge meets the Baldy Notch Trail, just SE of the summit of Mt. Harwood. Turn left on the trail and head west toward the summit of Mt. Baldy.

The elevation gain is the same as the San Antonio Ski Hut Trail and the distance is probably about the same. I recommend the San Antonio Ski Hut Trail, which has a sign along the way down that says Baldy Bowl Trail, for a descent route.

This is a strenuous varation to climb Baldy, it has some nice views on both sides of the ridge and if you want some solitude from the weekend crowds, this is a good option.


Mount Harwood is the peak directly East of Mount San Antonio (Mt Baldy). At 9552ft and with many backcountry ski and climbing routes, it is a major peak in the San Gabriel Mountains. Those who spend the time to know the area north of Harwood will have a true appreciation for this great peak, which offers excellent mountaineering routes with no crowds and pure, clean solitude. This is the key to unlocking the true spirit of Mount Harwood, and San Gabriel Mountaineering.

Mt Harwood was named for Aurelia Squire Harwood, a Claremont native and supporter of the Sierra Club. Nearby Thunder Mountain was at one time named Mount Harwood, until the Mt Baldy Ski resort changed the names over.

Mt. Baldy:

Mt. San Antonio or better known as Mt. Baldy is the "crown jewel" of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. Although it is not the highest mountain in Southern California it is the highest in the San Gabriel Mt. Range. Mt. Baldy is visible from much of Southern California and much of Southern California can be seen from it's summit on a clear day. It is one of the most photographed objects of the Southern California landscape It's snow covered peak has appeared on post cards and tourist literature for many years.

West Baldy:

West Baldy is the high sub-peak to Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy). It is the second highest named point in the San Gabriel Mountains and Los Angeles County. Mount Baldy itself can have quite a crowd during the weekend whereas West Baldy you can usually stand alone finding solitude. The view from West Baldy includes much of the same as Baldy but with deeper views into the steep Fish Fork drainage and a closer view of San Antonio Ridge. Bighorn sheep also seem to make more appearances on this sub-peak.

Boilerplate Legalese:

Hiking is an at-risk activity and I am a volunteer so you are fully responsible for your safety while driving and hiking this event.

Thanks everyone! have a great week hiking!!!