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4-Day Backpacking Trip: Trans Catalina Trail - ~45 miles (ADVANCED)

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Sorrento Valley Park and Ride

12791 Sorrento Valley · San Diego, CA

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I'll be driving a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. I'll e-mail my phone # to all RSVPs.

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**AS OF NOW, THERE ARE 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE*** **The RSVP will close at 6 hikers*****

**Are you interested in conquering the Trans-Catalina Trail on Catalina Island? It's a 37.2 mile trail (maybe a bit more if you want to make it a "true" end to end) that basically covers the island from the Western Tip to the Eastern Tip of the island. **There were no campsites available for Friday, March 27th so our plan is to drive up Saturday morning. We'll have to keep up a pretty good pace on the first day**

Day 1- Arrive early Saturday morning, March 28th to catch the 8:00 am ferry to Avalon (approx. 1.5 to 2 hours) and begin hiking by late morning to arrive at our first destination: Black Jack Campground.

Day 2- Hike from Black Jack to Two Harbors.

Day 3 - Hike to Parson's Landing then to Starlight Beach (official end) and back to Parson's Landing.

Day 4 - Hike back to Two Harbors (short traverse ~6.5 miles) from Parson's Landing and take the ferry back to the San Pedro port at 11:30 am. Total Cost for Camping: $75 (if you pay in cash; $70) for three nights (includes firewood, water and sometimes showers depending on the campground).

Parking over the 4 days: $48 per vehicle ($12 daily, then split equally if you choose to carpool)

Total Gas: Approx. 10 gallons of gas (depending of vehicle) : About $30 (round-trip) divided by # of passengers (understanding that anyone willing to drive will not be required to pay for gas due to wear and tear on his/her own vehicle). Ferry: $74.50 ($37.25 one way: Departing San Pedro on 3/28 at 8:00 to Avalon, then Departing Two Harbors to San Pedro on 3/31 at 11:30 am). You will be REQUIRED to purchase your own ticket to eliminate any added charges to organizer. Arrival and departure times are listed above, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I really don't know how fast they may fill up so I plan on reserving my soon. The link to the site is listed below.

Spending money for food at Avalon and/or Two Harbors?

Catalina Express Tickets (


Suggested Backpacking Gear:

• Bring your 10 Essentials ( and a day pack (optional for the trip to Starlight Beach)

• At least 3 liters of water, more if you know that you usually need more water (You'll be able to access water at some campgrounds and Avalon/Two Harbors).

• Backpack (Anywhere from a 35 - 50 liter pack)

• Trekking poles are a MUST. It's a long hike.

• Tent - Name brand I use: Kelty 2-person tent (¤cy=USD&codes-processed=true) - Very light weight

• Sleeping bag and pad (You want light material, but it will add cost)

• Layered clothing for possibly cool nights and potentially warm days. I have provided the link for the weather forecast on Catalina. Please check periodically for any weather changes. (Optional: One change of clothes, extra socks are man's and woman's best friend). Comfortable shoes for the ride home (Who wants to be wearing the same hiking boots? No one).

• Rain gear - A simple poncho will suffice, but I don't anticipate any rain.

• Cooking gear, cup, utensils - A hot meal after a long hike is always great, but this is all personal preference. If people want to post food or equipment to share, please do so, but you should be self-sufficient. You should always be prepared as if you were hiking alone.

• First Aid kit (I will bringing one)

• Sun protection & toilet paper (Ziploc bags for carrying out any trash/waste)

• Food - This is 3-night, 4-day backpacking trip. Pack accordingly. We could do dinner in Two Harbors eliminating one night of cooking if the group prefers. Bring food with high concentration of electrolytes and protein; specifically potassium to prevent any cramping. High energy foods are best: Trailmix, bars, chews etc).

• Bear Canister - There may be critters about at night (foxes, etc.) so if you have a canister that will seal and keep animals out, you'll be glad you did later. I do plan to bring my bear canister even though we won't be running into any bears.

• Headlamp- A light source not just for hiking, but something that can be used around the campsite.

• Fire starters - I"ll be bringing supplies.

I tried to list some of the bare basics, but if you have anything else that should be listed, please feel free to comment.




How can I move to the RSVP list you ask? Great question! First, you have to be serious enough to know your present level of training for a hike of this magnitude. If you ultimately want to arrive at Starlight Beach (Man, talk about some "bragging rights") you're looking at around 45 miles with close to 10,000 ft of elevation gain. Start training now! I know we all want to travel light, but you should probably start carrying a pack with 20 - 25 lbs. for 10-12 miles. **KNOW YOUR ABILITY**

Next, if you know that your physical and mental game are intact, then you need to cover your share of the campground costs ($75 for 3 nights). This means you'll be sending me either $75 through PayPal or getting in contact with me to make other payment arrangements. I'm new to using PayPal for personal transactions, but I understand you can make a payment to my Paypal even if you don't have an account. If you have any problems, please e-mail me through Meetup and then provide me with your personal e-mail and I'll be able to help you. **I AM CROSS-POSTING THIS HIKE SO I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING THE FIRST 5 HIKERS


Weather: Catalina Forecast (

REFUND POLICY: After payment has been received for the camping expenses, I will move you over to the RSVP list and your spot will be guaranteed. My plan is to limit this backpacking trip to 6 hikers. If your plans change for whatever reason and are unable to attend, please know that I will be happy to give you a TOTAL REFUND, but on the condition that I already have all 6 spots paid in full. If all 6 spots have been paid for and I have yet another person wishing to attend, then I will sell them the spot you paid for without any reservation. In the rare case I cannot fill all 6 spots, then a REFUND WILL NOT BE GIVEN. Please let me know if you have any questions about this policy as I want you to know EXACTLY how it will be applied. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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