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The Trail of Dr. Monroe

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We will be taking a walk on the Reading by way of the Mystic Canyon/Monroe Trail, above Glendora; in the Angeles National Forest.

The trail will be about 6 miles 'n change 'round trip as the crow flies...

Allow for about 4 hours 'n change, as the crow flies...

If it rains... dust storm, water spout, etc... the deal is off.

Read the complete write up...

Most, if not all, of your questions can be answered here...

There will be no:

• Having your nose wiped for you.

• Coddling

• Cooing

• Hand holding ( unless you { you in the 3rd person } are a couple, plan to be a couple; etc...)

A couple of what has yet to be determined...

Choking hazards:

There are a few places where it is possible to fall off the mountain and/or roll down it.

Basically, if you (you in the 3rd person) can't hold your tongue, you may bite it should you go over the edge or off the deep end the hard way.

Also, when falling; it's possible to get more than one's feelings hurt...

There is a lot to see and may be sudden & frequent stops for print making, so don't forget to bring a camera...

We are in no hurry.

Leave your 8 track players at home.

There will be plenty to hear in the surrounding countryside... work the crowd and talk to others in the group...

Wear comfortable clothing (come in costume, if you like) and a hat. Tennis shoes will be fine for this pilgrimage; boots are best.

Chew toys:

Be sure to bring a hat, to wear, not to eat.

The eating of one's own hat; or anyone else's for that matter, is considered bad form.

Bring 2 quarts of water, more if you like & something to chew on... (do not chew on your nails, or anyone else's {see eating one's own hat description above}...).

Peanut Butter Cups or See's Chocolate See Gars are more than acceptable to bring and chew on !!!

(... anytime of the day...)

Do NOT sink your fangs into anyone else's neck or anywhere else for that matter. This is also considered bad form & should be avoided.


From hwy 210 east or west: exit Lone Hill Ave & turn north towards the mountains.

Turn left on Route 66 (light).

Turn right on Compromise Line (light).

Turn right on Valley Center Ave (stop sign).

Turn left on Sierra Madre (stop sign).

Turn right on Glendora Mt Rd (first street on your right).

Continue straight, there will be trees & a mountain on your right. You will be at the intersection of Big Dalton Canyon.

Continue straight, just past the T-bone intersection, and park on the left/west side of the road.


There are no facilities at the trailhead.

Adjustments should be made prior to arrival.

Worse case scenario: drastic measures can be taken along the way...


You are parking within city limits.

Grab a place to park at the side of the road.

We will meet at the trail head at 8:45 am & start at 9:00 am. (If I get out of work late, then we will meet a bit later...).

The fine print:

Do NOT bring your dogs, cats, canaries, javeline, drama, +1’s or other pets.

No whining, sassing or throwing looks.

You will have about 10 minutes to complain about work, politics & current affairs... After that; enjoy the scenery...

I will take your confession(s) as necessary... after that; enjoy the scenery...

Scamming & laying it on thick:

If anyone wants to get someone's phone number, be cordial about it.

Do NOT start at one end of the conga line & work your way to the other end and/or lay it on thick.

This is considered bad form & should be avoided.

If the individual concerned is NOT interested: give it a rest.

Rules of the road & proper etiquette:

Walking, up hill has the right of way; downhill yields to uphill.

Runners, yield to all walkers & horses.

Bikes, yield to all walkers & horses.

Horses have right of way on all accounts.

Showing off:

Getting to the top first or being the fastest on the trail: no one cares.

It's about the experience, scenery & friends...

Straying from the purer faith:

If you decide to go off on your own: you will be on your own.

Let someone know should you decide to bow out early...


It is your responsibility to check events you are signed up for, and any of your notifications, for event updates & adjust your status accordingly.

Club Policy:

No +1's or extra guests.

If you want to bring a friend along, local or long distance, just have them join the club.

This is an "at your own risk" event on lands accessible to the general public.

By joining this event: YOU are responsible for your conduct and safety and agree to free the event organizer, Mt. San Jacinto Hiking Club, any other organizers and agents associated with the club from any and all liability.

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