Past Meetup

Camping at Little Jimmy's Campground with Hiking the next day to Baden-Powell


Islip Saddle

Angeles National Forest · 91702, CA

How to find us

Islip Saddle Parking lot

Location image of event venue


Please join me to camp @ Little Jimmy's campground from Islip Saddle.

Please add your name to the wait list, then I will move you to RSVP.. thanks

What to bring:

All your camping gear, food and water for Saturday night and day hike the next day.

Also bring wood for campfire, if you can. I have already got the campfire permit.


After setting up the camp, you can relax and stay on campground or you can join for short hike to the Crystal lake and then return the campsite.


We will hike to Mount Baden-Powell. We will summit other peaks along the way as time permits.

The peaks are listed below.

Meet at Islip Saddle Parking lot at 6:30 am.

Direction :

Trailhead: From the 210 freeway in La Canada, take the Angeles Crest Highway(2) and drive for 39 miles to About a mile or so past the tunnels at mile marker 64.10. is a parking lot. Park at the PCT trail parking lot, where we will meet. The actual trail is across the highway south to the trail marker. (Lat:[masked] Lon:[masked])


1. Islip: Mount Islip (pronounced eye-slip) is a 8,250-foot (2,515 m) peak in the Angeles National Forest. On a clear day the sharp, high peak provides impressive views of the Mojave Desert, the Los Angeles Basin, Santa Catalina Island, and San Clemente Island.

2. Hawkins: South Mount Hawkins is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, and contained within the Angeles National Forest. The mountain was named after Nellie Hawkins, a popular waitress of the Squirrel Inn located on the North Fork of the San Gabriel River. Although the Squirrel Inn is long gone, Nellie has her name on Mount Hawkins and South Mount Hawkins. There are two ridge bumps between the two named summits and they are unofficially known as "Middle Hawkins" and "Sadie Hawkins".

3. Throop: Throop Peak (/ˈtruːp/ troop) is a 9,142 feet (2,786 m) peak in the Angeles National Forest. The high peak provides views of both the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles Basin all the way to the ocean. The peak was named for Amos G. Throop, founder of Caltech, formerly called Throop College. The peak marks the northwestern boundary of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness.

4. Burnham: Mount Burnham is one of the highest peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains at 9001 feet. It is in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. It is named for Frederick Russell Burnham the famous American military scout who taught scoutcraft (then known as woodcraft) to Robert Baden-Powell and became one of the inspirations for the founding of the Boy Scouts. Mount Burnham was officially recognized by the USGS at a dedication ceremony in 1951. It was original known as (West Twin) "North Baldy

5. Baden Powell: Mount Baden-Powell is a peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of California named for the founder of the World Scouting Movement, Lord Baden-Powell. It was officially recognized by the USGS at a dedication ceremony in 1931.It was originally known as East Twin or North Baldy. At 9,407 feet (2,867 m) in elevation, Mount Baden-Powell is the 4th highest peak of the San Gabriel Range.

Above info. is from WIKIPEDIA.

Please do not attempt this hike unless you KNOW that you are capable and can bring all of the necessary essentials. By signing up for this hike, you agree to pay for any medical or legal costs should you incur any injury, and you request your heirs, family members, and friends to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or death for any reason. Also by signing up for this hike, you agree that you are the only person responsible for your safety and well-being and that you will not hold the hike leaders or any other hiker responsible.

Please carry at least 4 liters of water and enough food to maintain your energy and compensate for your calorie depletion. To avoid cramping, you may need to maintain your electrolyte balance with SaltStick caps or electrolyte gels from REI (ask your doctor).

Also remember to bring the ten-plus essentials (see REI's Ten-plus Essentials (