Clark Dry Lake to Rabbit (6,640') & Villager (5,756') Pks to S22 ~ 20M / 8,500'G

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Scripps Poway Parkway Park-n-Ride

12010 Scripps Highland Drive · San Diego, CA

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Either of 2 places: (1) 4:45 AM @ Scripps Poway Parkway P&R lot IF in San Diego (I-15 exit Scripps Poway Parkway east 1 block, left @ 1st signal by USA gas) ... or 6:10 ish AM @ Christmas Circle in downtown Borrego Springs, CA to regroup

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What: Gumbys Santa Rosa Ramble II, aka Rabbit via "the face" - starting near Clark Dry Lake we hike east & ascend via the west rib up to Rabbit Peak (6,640'), go south to Villager Peak (5,756'), then descending to the desert floor to end at Hwy S-22 / the Villager Peak parking area (car shuttle involved). Join the ultimate green hiking dude for an epic desert ramble.

More info: We'll start our cross-country (no trails) desert hike near Clark Dry Lake by crossing the desert floor. We'll climb for hours up to bag Rabbit Peak (6,640' - an Emblem peak on the Desert Peaks List) the high point of the southern Santa Rosa Mtns. where we'll sign the peak register & have a short food break. Then work our way south enjoying views out to the Salton Sea to climb up Villager Peak (5,756'). After another short break to sign the peak register & snack while looking down at our starting point near Clark Dry Lake from upon our mile high perch we'll descend to the desert floor to finish in the moonlight long after dark (but there's a great almost full moon up high in the sky to serve as a giant spotlight as we finish well after dark so that will help with & make it really fun too) at Hwy S-22 (note: there's a car shuttle involved - any car can do it). See the pics:

Details: this hike is approximately 20 cross-country (no trails) miles long with approx. 8,500' of elevation gain (uphill) as an estimate. Estimated hiking time: approx. 7:30 AM - 10:30 PM or later depending on what the group can do & how things go in the moonlight after dark. Optional dinner stop afterwards at the Taco Shop in Borrego Springs (IF it's still open then, BUT bring extra food & water in your car for afterwards in case it isn't open when we finish) or in Ramona on the way back (Denny's or Taco Shop).

Bring: a minimum of 5.5 - 6 quarts or liters of H2O with electrolytes (you may need more if you drink a lot normally or it's hotter than usual) & have several quarts that you can drop off & pick back up a couple of hours later in order to lighten your load for awhile near Rabbit, lots of snacks to eat WHILE MOVING, "real food" for the 2 short peak breaks mid-afternoon & early evening, layers (jacket &/or fleece / down, beanie, gloves, etc for late in the day & for after dark when it will be cold), hat / sunglasses / sunscreen, a headlamp or light with FRESH / NEW batteries for our after dark descent & finish (many hours in the dark under the almost full moonlight / 5-6 hrs?, may need spare batteries too), first aid, poles, gaiters, plastic comb & pointy tweezers for getting any cactus out, etc. It's critical to pre-hydrate by drinking ahead of time all day Fri. & again in the AM Sat. & on the drive out to the hike.

Other Tips For A Long Day: bring lots of water with electrolytes in it (5.5 - 6 quarts or liters minimum, possibly more like 6.5 or 7 quarts for some who drink heavily); pre-hydrate all day on Fri & on Sat. AM at breakfast / & also while driving out to the hike; wear white or lighter colored clothing as your first base layer to reflect the sun and stay cooler; bring electrolyte chews, pills, or tablets (shot blocks, etc.); have plenty of snacks including some salty things; a bandanna or "kool tie" to wet and put around your neck; plenty of layers for the cold / night (what else?!) ....

My hiking style: we'll stay together as a group for both camaraderie & safety; we snack & drink WHILE MOVING except for short bathroom or picture breaks as necessary; I'll take a 20 min. to 1/2 hr break at the 2 peaks to eat "real food" / sign registers / enjoy the view; I prefer to hike at a bit faster then average pace.

Weather Links:

Desert Floor at Clark Dry Lake (start - in the AM only):

Rabbit & Villager Peaks (where we'll be mid-afternoon & later: around 5 - 6.5K elev.):

Contact Gumby ahead of time if you have Q's:[masked] or [masked]

My Meetup Rules:

1. *WAIVER OF LIABILITY: This group, its organizer, assistant organizers, event organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur carpooling to and from hikes, or for any injuries or accidents before, during, and after group hikes. If you sign up and come on this hike outing you are acknowledging that you freely and voluntarily assume all risks of injuries and damages and agree to participate in the hike/outing.

2. Please no +1s or guests - all attending must be group members signed up for this hike. This is for 2 reasons: so that all signed up agree to the above liability statement & so that I can see the profiles of all the hikers ahead of time to get a feel for the group.