Weekend with Old Man Winter


Location visible to members


Update: NOAA is calling for rain/snow mix for this weekend in the local mountains. Due to conditions that could easily lead to someone becoming injured, this Meetup is officially CANCELLED. Sounds like a good weekend for JTNP.

If you sign up, you’re telling me your knowledgeable enough to know the particulars of winter travel and camping. Basically, stay dry, stay warm, stay happy. The only thing that would cancel the trip, would be a BIG storm on the weekend of the hike. Nighttime temps below 20deg. Frost nip, hypothermia, and dehydration are ever present dangers. This is NOT a beginners guide to winter survival.

Club Members’ Responsibilities when they participate in an outing:
Common Sense Clause:
1. Be adequately prepared for the trip and be in physical condition to be able to complete the hike. This includes bringing along the proper equipment for the season, weather and location.

2. Be a responsible group member and abide by the decisions of the organizer or by the consensus of the group.
Legal Clause:
3. Be aware that participation in Mt San Jacinto Hiking Club Events/Outings may include potentially hazardous activities, and that you are voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge and understanding that you will use your best judgment to avoid injury to others and yourself. You agree to follow the directions of the trip Organizer and release Mt. San Jacinto Hiking Club Organizers, Co-Organizers, Assistant Organizers and Event Organizers from any liability for injuries, physical or mental, which you may suffer by reason of participation in Events/Outings with the group. You recognize in waiving this liability that you assume sole responsibility for your actions and cannot blame any injuries or losses on any other persons connected with the Mt San Jacinto Hiking Club. You agree to assume full financial responsibility for any bills incurred for medical treatment as a result of your participation in Mt. San Jacinto Hiking Club activities.