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OK, so you desert peeps have your skyline, but i am partial to baldy/3ts...(and im gonna do it as much as i can until winter tells me otherwise...) but seriously, whats not to like? it combines the crazy steepness of the Bear Canyon Trail (Village- 6k in 6miles!) with the beauty of the cucamonga wilderness ...(AND if you are so inclined, you can get a beer between the two at the notch--not that this club condones drinking and hiking...oh...wait...this club DOES condone it...never mind)

the stats:

mileage: 19

gain: 7k-ish

this is a kick-butt hike for advanced hikers...we will be going at a brisk-ish pace to end before usual, i am not your mommy, your cheerleader, your life coach, your therapist, or your doctor (well, i may be...but that would be weird...) you are adults and ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF...