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8 mile Pine Mountain Oat Hill, Little Carson Falls Hike
It's time for another waterfall hike. This is an 8 mile loop hike with 1500 feet of up. I consider it a moderate hike but there is some steep up and slickish stone stairs along the waterfalls, others may consider it moderate/aggressive. The steepest part is near the end of the hike. Sunday's day's weather will be a bit cool than this midweek and there's a slight chance of a shower, but this 8 mile loop is always a winner. Bring lunch, hydration, layers, sticks, sun block and an attitude full of gratitude. We'll meet at the Azalea trail and Pine Mountain fire road parking area pull-out on the Fairfax-Bolinas road. Hike Map ( Driving directions central San Rafael to parking area ( The potential for showers does NOT not cancel this hike. Simply be prepared.

Pine Mountain Fire Road pull out

Bolinas Fairfax Road · Fairfax, CA