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This club's philosophy is centered around believing in yourself. Whatever the challenge, whatever the change you want, it all starts with believing you can.

Our hikers will generally fall into the beginner to intermediate range. Our pace will be just slow enough to enjoy nature, while quick enough to burn off unwanted calories.

Style & Approach:

I started this club in the Summer of 2017. At that time I was struggling with "breathing issues" after suffering blood clots in both my lungs. 2017 & 2018 hiking was all about building my cardio up. And it worked! Now (2019) I'm facing yet another challenge. Essentially I will be working on my executive functions. Planning, organizing, talking and trying to keep my balance. That sort of stuff. The only cure for what I've got is a positive attitude, a healthy diet and great hiking companions. Life is full of surprises... I accept this challenge and will excel moving forward!

Most events will be in the 4 to 6 mile range. Which is pretty good, if you think about it? I will post a topographical map with an elevation graph to help explain the technical challenges. For example, we could go up and down. Or we could go up and down, up and down, up and down. Which is a greater cardio work out. Sometimes we just go flat. There are so many other variants to consider, so I just post a topo and elevation graph assuming everyone looks at it? I try to be as specific as I can without creating a vocabulary salad. Still working on being concise. :-)

There are a lot of other hiking clubs out there, and I strongly recommend trying them ALL. Meet different people, hike different trails and make new friends.

I go hiking whether anyone shows up or not....it has become part of who I am.

Also, the Hiking Enchantment Host member account was setup to handle email notifications. That member account will show up on all hikes.

Final note: There will be a minimum pace rate for every hike. It's something ridiculously slow it won't even be enforced. However, on the rare occasion that I need to evoke it; PLEASE remember this is NOT A WALK; it's a HIKE. It's designed to meet certain health requirements moving forward.

Gold Medal Member Program:

Attend 3 hiking events and receive a gold medal. Gold Medal Status allows hikers to attend any hike, regardless of wait listed status. Become part of a privileged group of hikers, Gold Medal Status begins with your participation. See you on the trails! (Not Real Gold, it's plastic and it's not filled with chocolate either.)

Dog Policy: Must be a Gold Medal Member. We have a 1 dog policy. You MUST state in the COMMENTS SECTION that you will be bringing a dog. There is a 1 dog limit for any hike, to be determined on a first come first serve basis. If 2 or more dogs arrive for any hike ONLY the person who followed the rules will be allowed to have their dog join us. Be courteous to your fellow hikers, let us know if you plan to bring your pet.

420 (recreational pot) please leave it at home. You put not only yourself in danger but your fellow hikers as well. Consume responsibly. There is a time and place for it. Not here, please.

Pace conversation Table:

45 minutes per mile = 1.3 mph
40 minutes per mile = 1.5 mph
35 minutes per mile = 1.7 mph
30 minutes per mile = 2.0 mph
25 minutes per mile = 2.4 mph
20 minutes per mile = 3.0 mph
15 minutes per mile = 4.0 mph

Hiker starter kit:

Decent backpack, bug repellent, good pair of hiking shoes/boots, water, cell phone, trail snacks. And the rest will come as you gain experience.

Hiker Responsibility Code
You are responsible for yourself, so be prepared:
1. With knowledge and gear. Become self-reliant by learning about the terrain, conditions, local weather and your equipment before you start.
2. To leave your plans. Tell someone where you are going, the trails you are hiking, when you will return and your emergency plans.
3. To stay together. When you start as a group, hike as a group, end as a group. Pace your hike to the slowest person.
4. To turn back. Weather changes quickly in the mountains. Fatigue and unexpected conditions can also affect your hike. Know your limitations and when to postpone your hike. The mountains will be there another day.
5. For emergencies. Even if you are headed out for just an hour, an injury, severe weather or a wrong turn could become life threatening. Don’t assume you will be rescued; know how to rescue yourself.
6. To share the hiker code with others.


Please remember meetups are social events and not a professionally guided trips. By participating in a trip, you are agreeing not to hold anybody responsible for injuries or accidents. Always come prepared and properly equipped. In the event of an emergency, your fellow members will do their best for you, but there is no guarantee any of the participants will have medical or rescue training.
By participating in this event you also acknowledge that you understand the level of difficulty and are physically capable, properly attired and have the necessary gear and supplies required for participation in this activity.

By RSVP of "yes" or "maybe" group members and their guests attending any of our meet-up events agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer(s) and all members of this group from any and all claims for property damage, and or injury, including those caused by negligence and or other reasons.

You also agree to assume all risk associated with each meetup you attend and agree to know and follow the Hiker Responsibility Code.

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