What we're about

-Let's share our love of Nature and my passion for Meditation to find inner peace and build a tribe of like minded individuals who are seeking deeper connections.
-Please join us if you enjoy hiking and are open or curious about learning meditation to help with calming a busy mind, as well as many other benefits that come with learning these tools I am eager to share with you. There are common misconceptions about meditation, thinking it's about stopping your thoughts, which it's actually not.
-I'd love to educate and teach you a few ways to meditate that can help you in more ways than I can list here.
-We will take a nature hike at Monksville Reservoir, find a good place to stop for a break where we will play some fun games designed to create deeper connections and end with a rejuvenating meditation that will leave you feeling revitalized.

Past events (4)

Hike & Meditation @ Ramapo Lake Trailhead

67 Skyline Dr

Hike & Meditate

1081 County Rd 511

Hike & Meditation @ Harriman State Park

Lake Skannatati Parking

Hike & Meditate

Monksville Reservoir

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