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Hiking Plus
Hiking Plus
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Hiking Plus products can now be bought at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/hiking-plus/.

Use a computer instead of a phone.
The web view will not show all the products at once. Select the product category to see them all.
There are two designs: A white logo and black logo. Select the design that looks best for the color of the product.
You can adjust the logo larger if you like. I recommend adjusting it to as large as will fit.

Buy 1 size larger because they run small.
I frequently get discount codes such as free shipping, but they always have quick expiration dates so there is no point in posting them. Ask me before a purchase.

2021 Promotions:

February 4th-7th: 20% off everything
February 17th-21st: 15% off everything
March 3rd-7th: 15% off everything
March 17th-21st: Free shipping
March 26th-29th: 20% of everything
April 14th-18th: 15% off everything
April 29th-May 3rd: 15% off everything
May 13th-16th: Free shipping
May 25th-28th: 20% off everything