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Hiking Plus products are HERE!

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Hiking Plus products are HERE!


Hiking Plus products can now be bought at:

Use a computer instead of a phone.
The web view will not show all the products at once. Select the product category to see them all.
There are two designs: A white logo and black logo. Select the design that looks best for the color of the product.
You can adjust the logo larger if you like. I recommend adjusting it to as large as will fit.

Buy 1 size larger because they run small.
I frequently post discount codes or reduced price dates here.
There is no price bump for the group, so you get the best price possible.

If you get an item and it doesn't fit, click the \ button in the shipping confirmation email. You will be allowed to select the correct size and it will be shipped to you free. Plus, you don't have to return the item that you are unsatisfied with.

2022 Promotions:
October 5 - 9: 15% off

Hiking Plus
Hiking Plus
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