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Elis Tulaj. Facebook and Phone!

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Hiking club is an adventure is a community of motivation and interested people who would like to explore nature within the UK and word-wide, see the world as one little Sphere that you can hold it on your own hands and gaze the beauty of it. So if you would like to live your life to the fullest, and see what you want to see experience as you wished and be part of it as we all are. This meet-up club, not just that make the un-possible possible of being part of the nature and wildness of our Fiona and Flora, but also it gives you the chance to be part of it and experience yourself. Also having fun and make new friends and meet like-minded people this is the place for you.

The idea is that I would dream to build up a community through which we can not only feel part of nature and having our own ideas and put them in practice but through which we can also develop our full potential, network and achieve our goals and dreams a some community and be part of the world nature.

To make it happen, let’s start Step by step. We will get to know each other on various adventures. Whether it's the great outdoors (hiking, walking, sightseeing, visiting places, camping, where we can do a bit of social networking, why not cultural adventure or something from the cultural menu which is so rich in South Italy or North Albania.

Any ideas are welcome. I’m up for adventure and will try everything once. And I would most welcome your suggestions – if you come across something in line with the spirit of this group, please contact me. The best thing about the community is that there is space for everyone as each one of you has unique ideas and all the ideas are welcome. I truly believe that everyone has something valuable they can bring to the table and everyone has some hidden talents that might need to be unlocked.

What would you find and expect here with me? (: I have some hiking trips coming up – I love travelling, hiking and exploring countryside, whether it is around UK or Around Europe. There are some weekend hiking tours on the Lake District or abroad, once again they will be filled with adventure – hiking, walking, kayaking… I will look into organizing some fishing trips by the Lake of Scutari (Albania) continents.

How else will we help each other? We have a message board through which we can share ideas, unusual finds, jobs, freebies, skills and anything that others can find useful. I would love to create a support network through which we can not only make new friends but also exchange skills and services. If you don’t wish to receive emails about this however, you can update your settings and opt out from the message board emails. I know that once you are getting too many of them they just end up annoying you!

Please note, due to UK legislation all the events are for adults only as i don't have the necessary checks and qualifications and all the other paperwork (and there is a multitude of them) needed to work with children.

About Theth

Theth is a community in the former Shale municipality, Shkoder Country, northern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Shkoder.Tocal tradition asserts a single common ancestor for the community (one Ded Nika) and suggests that the population moved to Theth some 300 to 350 years ago in order to preserve their (Catholic, Christian traditions.

Visiting Theth in the early 20th century, the traveller Edith Durhan said:

"I think no place where human beings live has given me such an impression of majestic isolation from all the world!.

Durham described Theth as a "bariak" of some 180 houses and also observed that it was almost free from the tradition of blood fleud (known in the Albanian language as gjakmarrja) which so blighted other parts of the Albanian highlands. The community is at the centre of the Theth National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Present day

Although the Kanun (traditional Albanian law) remains influential, Theth has not suffered from the recent (post-Communist) reappearance of the blood feud which has troubled other areas of Northern Albania.Ironically, Theth boasts one of the very few remaining "lock-in towers", an historical form of protection for families that were "in blood.

About the Tour

My name is Elis and I am the finder of the tour and I will be leading the tour, which I am an expert in team of mountain hiking and outdoors activities, have been hiking through extreme place, highly experienced, trip that you will never forget.

The village of Theth and visit a location that tourists don’t miss when they visit, the “Kulla” (tower). Learn of the kind of life those condemned by their family ties would lead as they waited and protected, during a blood feud.

Each day of your tour we will be sleeping in differet villages and use all alternative trails and walk allway from Theth to Valbano, which we will be crossing high mountians and laguns.

From Theth Continue with 20 minutes of walking by visiting the canyon and the Grunas waterfall, the natural monument under state protection, 30 meters high. The Blye Eye is a beauty of the highlanders, need to be visited. A moderate hike is needed to reach this wonderful spring formed by the erosion of the cliff by the river, where some bathtubs and waterfalls are created.Pedestrian route takes about 40 minutes walking to reach the Blue Eye.The Blue Eye is one of the rare beauties of the Albania formed from the Black River.


7 days Tour:

Just £470pp 7 days Tour in Albania mountain (Highlands -Theth)

What does your trip include?

* Tour

* Accommodation

* Local travel A to B

* Two meals- first meal and last meal of the tour

* Map reading
* expertise in land marks etc


* Flights

* Food & Drinks, breakfasts- lunches-dinners.

* Travel insurance (not required)

* Personal equipment

Way to Pay

T Elis

Lloyds Bank

sort code -[masked]

Accunt nr -[masked]

Contact Information:

Elis Tulaj 44+[masked]


Tour Details:

Through the tour by Days:

Day 1 and 2

Pick up at the airport to the hotel, city of Shkodra, sleep one night in the city.

Head for the northern mountain in Prekal Village and Razem Village.

Day 3,4

Head for Theth Walley, sleep, on the beauty of Theth Valley.

Day 5 Head for Valbona, National Park.

Day 6

Back to the shkodra city, sleep one nights in Velipoje Beach.

Day 7:

Enjoy e morning breakfast and head for the airport.

Clothing & Equipment List for Climbing Theth)

Conditions in the mountains and on the summits are significantly colder than people expect.

Please note, if in the opinion of your guide(s) on the day, you are not adequately clothed, I will direct you to the nearest outdoor store, otherwise we will be unable to take you into the mountains!

Essential Clothing/Equipment

Backpack, (25-35 litres in size depending on how much stuff you want to carry)
Food for the day. You will be burning off twice the amount of energy you normally do, so bring enough food. Foods like bananas, dried fruit, flapjacks & sandwiches are good.

Hiking boots, waterproof
Water proof jacket
Waterproof over trousers, shorts, might be hot.
Water. On hot days you can drink up to 4 pints/2 litres of water. Platypus water sacs are a great way of carrying
Personal Medicines (Inform your guide on the day of any medication you are taking)

Desirable Clothing/Equipment

Thick/Walking socks
Wicking base layer (This is worn next to the skin and should not be a cotton t-shirt)
Hiking trousers (Tip; Do not wear jeans or jogging bottoms)
Sun Glasses, Whistle
Orange Poly Survival bag (available for a couple of pounds)
Walking Poles
Be prepared in case of an accident. A whistle can be useful for getting the attention of other people should you need to. An orange poly survival bag is also worth having so you have some shelter in case conditions turn nasty.

Weather: Please make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather (make sure to bring either your waterproofs or a sunscreem). We will not cancel the trip unless the conditions make it dangerous for us to make the walk. If the trip was cancelled you would, of course, be refunded.

IMPORTANT: By taking part in this meet-up you agree to the following disclaimer: I acknowledge that hiking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. My decision to voluntarily participate in these activities is an informed decision and I am aware of and shall accept such risks. I agree to be responsible for my own actions and involvement in these activities. The organiser does not take any responsibility for my safety.

CANCELLATIONS: Please note that unless the trip is cancelled the payments are non-refundable as the costs need to be paid in advance. However you may be able to sell your place, only if you contact me and follow my procedure, swap name and contact nr with your name and pay references, so if you find someone who can replace you. Please note that only when procedure is followed swaps will be granted.


By signing up to this event you confirm that you have read and consented to our terms and You will also email signed copy of both to me on within 3 days of making the payment for the event and no later than 3 days before the event. You also agree to a 'no refund' policy.

INSURANCE: You also confirm that you will be responsible for your own insurance and make sure that it is at an appropriate level for this trip and activities you will be participating in. In addition to your own Personal Civil liability insurance, only if you wishes, such as an individual insurance for multi-risk and multi-activity tours and trips (expenses of cancellation, research - help, repatriation, medical expenses, theft of luggage, etc.) appropriate for the activities to be undertaken. The general travel insurance is often minimal and rarely adapted to the active tours.


If you have any doubts, queries or would like to chat to me about the best options for you, please contact me via email or phone.

Important Information:

Please note that i may need to contact you from time to time with important information via email. If you have booked a trip or a tour, please ensure that you provide me with an up-to-date email address* and check your inbox regularly for any important updates, as you may miss out on critical information ( such as change of dates and time, time changes, etc.) or might end up missing out on the event altogether! Please note that we will not be able to process any refunds, should this happen.

We also ask that you add my email address, to your contact list, in order to ensure that any vital information we send to you, doesn't get sent to your spam or junk inbox. For further information please contact me. Please provide me with these details at least a week before the tour.

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