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Dear Members, particularly the recent swell of new, never-been backpacking before but want to start members: There is a great Sierra Club opportunity that is about to begin….an opportunity that only happens one time each year and it is one of the best outdoor learning experiences the Sierra Club has to offer. This is the Angeles Chapter Wilderness Travel Course (WTC). Some of you have taken the course and are now leaders and/or knowledgeable hikers. For those of you who have not, enrollment in WTC is something you should consider now. The Wilderness Travel Course helps build outdoor skills so hikers can be safe in the backcountry. The course runs for ten weeks and includes four field trips (two one day and two weekend outings). Students learn map and compass navigation skills for competently hiking off-trail, snow travel, rock scrambling techniques, first aid, nutrition and lots more. The course is followed by unforgettable experience backpacking trips most of which take place in the High Sierra, Sequoia and Yosemite during the summer months.

WTC moves you from being a day hiker to a more serious adventurer. You will acquire skills in trip planning, preparation, equipment and wilderness safety to take you into the backcountry in all seasons, beyond roads and trails with new friends that share your interest in the outdoors.

Again, the course runs only one time each year and takes place in Southern California in four locations as follows: West Los Angeles (Wednesdays beginning Jan 8th); Orange County (Tuesdays beginning Jan 14th); Long Beach/South Bay (Wednesdays beginning January 22nd); San Gabriel Valley (Tuesdays beginning Jan 28th)

The four geographic areas fill up well in advance of the class start date to register early.

There is more information and registration info on the website at (

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