Price: $10.00 /per person

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Lets all go for a fun night of astronomy and bat watching!! Did you that Sacramento has a real "bat man"..sorry he is not Adam West, Michael Keaton, or George Clooney. No he does not wear a cape, but he is a recognized expert on bats! If you went to Sacramento State, you know him as professor Winston Lancaster. He will be one of the leaders of this event and provide insight into these mysterious animals. This is a fun hike where we will be hiking under the stars and checking out Mexican Fruit Bats.

We are very active with the Sacramento Valley Conservancy, and we will be volunteering with the event with setup and registration. However, we will be participating in the event and we thought how cool it would be to have new friends join for the night.

In order to participate in this event, you will not only have to RSVP here, but you will have to sign up on Sacramento Valley Conservancy's website. They do have a limit of participants so please sign up soon! They do ask for a small donation, but this money goes toward maintenance of Deer Creek Hills and other properties protected from development.

Please come with appropriate hiking clothing, headlamps, sturdy shoes, and bring your own water. Also, this is a pack in-pack out operation with respect to your trash. There is no trash cans on the site. There is a portable toilet on the site.

Our thought was possibly meet for dinner before or possibly meet for drinks after, this is something we will discuss with all who RSVP.

See you out there!

David and Sara