What we're about

This group is dedicated to NYC & NJ women who want to experience an outdoor adventure away from the city. We’ll help you connect with other women who want to hike and have an unforgettable wilderness experience.

Our Meetups are built around one or two-day adventures on WEEKENDS in the wilderness for hiking, backpacking, tent camping, mommy and kids wilderness day, wine and cheese testings in the forest, art in the woods...

Every woman can enjoy an outdoor adventure, even without any outdoor experience. You’ll be matched with an incredible small group of like-minded people and a friendly, internationally experienced, state-licensed guide—or you can even book a private group with your best friends and have a hike all to yourselves.
Discover a wide range of getaways, including some with themes like art in the woods, wine and cheese tastings, and Mommy & Kids Nature Discovery—all within the natural beauty of Harriman State Park and the Catskills.

We know what it’s like to live in the city, and we know how difficult (even impossible) it feels to plan an outdoor getaway: How do I find a trail? What should I bring? How will I get there without a car? Where can I camp? How can we bring the kids in a way that’s fun for them and respectful to nature?

We created a way for every woman to enjoy the break they dream about, without worrying about a single detail, we manage everything.

On the Escape weekend, delicious hiking meals will be provided and a guide will show you the magic of cooking in the wilderness—more fun than in a kitchen!! If, like most people, you don’t own hiking and camping gear, we’ll provide a set of high-quality gear chosen by our guides and made for women’s bodies. All you need to bring are your boots and clothing!

We work closely with a team of dedicated women to create a range of escapes designed to nourish your body and mind:

Escape weekend: Two days on the legendary Appalachian Trail. Hike and camp under the stars with a small group of amazing women. The experience of a lifetime.

Art in the Woods day: A relaxing and creative day surrounded by sparkling lakes, beautiful forests and incredible foliage.

Pardon My French day: Have fun speaking French (for all levels), eating cheese and drinking good wine in the woods with a native French-speaking guide.

Mommy and Kids Day: Enjoy a full day in nature with your child, learn how to build a shelter and a campfire, and practice fun wilderness survival tips.

Upcoming events (5+)

Hiking for women "Pardon my French" hike and enjoy wine and cheese!

Have fun speaking French (for all levels), hiking, drinking wine and testing cheeses! You will meet your group and your guide (French of course!) in Manhattan 175st subway station or in Fort Lee NJ (please contact the event host to organize your pick up), at 9.30AM and hit the road in a comfortable van to the beautiful Silver Lake forest located near Tuxedo Park, Upstate New York. Included: -transportation from/to NYC or NJ depending where you live -delicious wine and cheeses from France -state licenced hiking guide Not included: -your picnic -your hiking clothing, backpack and water (this is an easy hike, sneakers are fine!) We’ll start this easy 4-mile loop trail with a quick stop at the park visitor center, where we’ll learn about the history and geology of the area and take in a stunning view of the lake from the center’s back porch. Our hike begins on a paved entrance road. We’ll cross a beautiful grassy field and then pass the stone foundations of a former church, the ruins of the Sterling Furnace, and the concrete and brick remnants of former mining operations. Just beyond these ruins, we’ll have another beautiful view of the lake, and it’s also a chance to take gorgeous photos. After passing a quiet, sparkling pond, we’ll reach the lake and enjoy a picnic together on a small sandy beach, surrounded by pine trees and sunlight dancing off the water. We will drink delicious French wine and enjoy a French cheese tasting while chatting both in French and English. From the beginner to the native French speaker, we all communicate in French as much as possible with one main goal: having fun. Feeling rested and full, we’ll continue our hike south along the trail which continues to run above the lake, with some minor ups and downs. We’ll catch glimpses of the lake as we walk, and we’ll also see and hear all kinds of birds. This easygoing 4-mile loop finishes at the visitor center parking lot, where your guide will drive you back to the city. You’ll be back home around 6pm. Perfect for: All levels of hikers who are curious about the French language, wine, and cheese

Mommy and kids Nature day

South Mountain Reservation


Head out for a Mommy & Kids Nature day, unplug from work, school and electronic devices and connect with each other and the outdoors for a while instead. Children of all genders are welcome, from 6 to 10 years old $30/mom $20/child for the whole day Includes: Expert, state-licenced female guide Nature workshops (shelter construction, wilderness tips, leave no trace principles...) tested and approved by children! Not included: Picnics Backpacks Water Snacks Transportation IS NOT provided, we will meet at 11 am at the entrance of the beautiful forest of South Mountain Reservation in Maplewood NJ (exact location will be sent to all participants)-less than 1 hour from downtown Manhattan. Why the outdoors is great for your child (and for you): There is nothing like the wonder of nature to peak a child’s curiosity, forging powerful lifelong connections with the natural environment. Taking kids hiking helps them develop a lifelong relationship with nature and the great outdoors. A trail hike can offer kids opportunities to traverse rocks, navigate exposed roots, and climb over fallen trees, building balance and agility while learning just how smart and confident they can be. Away from cars and other dangers, they are free to run and joyfully proclaim, “I did it!”. Your guide will gather everyone at the trailhead, and introduce the group to the incredible, fun-filled, educational day that lies ahead. We will start a beautiful 2-mile hike on a gentle trail in the forest, listening and observing the wildlife. At our first stop, we’ll have our first lesson! Together we’ll learn how to built a forest shelter. Everyone will work as a team, experiencing the fun of gathering branches and building, led by your guide. We will walk a little deeper in the forest and have our picnic under the trees, while the moms relax and the kids explore nearby. After lunch at our second educational stop, you will learn and practice wilderness survival tips that can prepare them for a lifetime of outdoor fun, like building a campfire. It’s serious learning, but it’s also seriously fun. We will be back at our cars around 5pm, full of memories and stories to tell at school on Monday!

Art in the woods

175 Street Station


The day trip combines two soothing, rejuvenating experiences: creating art and experiencing nature. It’s a sure-fire way to reduce stress and spark your creativity, guided by your hiking guide and art therapy consultant, and you’ll make an ephemeral mandala, a mesmerizing practice that aligns us with the flow of the universe. You will meet your group, your guide and art-therapist in Manhattan on the morning and hit the road in a comfortable Van to the Catskills, Upstate New-York. To get started, we’ll mindfully walk along Mountain Top Arboretum trail, one of the most magical parts of New York State, where we’ll be surrounded by some of the area’s most stunning wildflowers, including white trilliums and happy trout lilies. Along the way, you’ll gather your favorite nature items (branches, pine-cones, flowers, herbs…) and save them for our creative work later. We’ll stroll the walkways breathing pure mountain air, meandering around the woodlands until we reach the enchanting miniature village, with its tiny fairy houses built by artists and children. Then we’ll enter a dense forest, where it will feel refreshing to get into the woods, out of the sun, as the topography changes underneath our feet. We’ll hear the hoots of owls in the distance, and we’ll spot interesting animal tracks in the mud. A quiet stream feeds into a hidden marsh. Then we’ll follow a short boardwalk out of the forest and be plunged into daylight, by a sparkling pond. Here we’ll stop for lunch and begin working with Lia, phenomenal art therapist. In the midst of a magical landscape we’ll create stunning ephemeral mandalas using the items we gathered all along our hike. She’ll help us tap into our best selves, and we’ll be inspired by the incredible mountain views as well as our own strength and the beautiful energy of our small group. We will finish this 4-mile loop by the end of the afternoon. Your guide will drive you back to the city, and you will be home around 7pm, feeling renewed, relaxed, and overflowing with creativity. What is an ephemeral mandala? Mandala, a Sanskrit word for circle, is a spiritual symbol that traditionally has been used to help focus attention and as an aid to meditation. This impermanent art is a meditation on really noticing and contemplating the plants, branches, and flowers as we choose and then arrange them on the ground into stunning shapes and textures. Mandalas become truly ephemeral in nature, because they change and degrade as they’re exposed to the natural outdoor elements. Ours may last only a few hours or a few days. We will take a picture and then the mandala is cast into the winds with a one-word intention or hope that you send out into the ether. Perfect for: Every women who is interested in walking and creating ephemeral mandalas. You don't need to be an artist or an experienced hiker! INCLUDED: Expert guide and art-therapist consultant Creative workshops Transportation from/to Manhattan in a comfortable Van (or Fort Lee NJ, please contact the host) Park permits Art and creation supplies What you need to take: Picnic Water Hiking shoes (or comfy sneakers) Your good mood and creative mind

Women hiking day at Bear Mountain -expert guide and transportation from NYC

This a perfect day to exercise, have fun, meet new friends and enjoy stunning views! Moderate 4-mile hike, you don't need to be an experienced hiker but you have to be in good enough shape to walk for 3 hours in pretty rough terrain, carrying your backpack. $65 - INCLUDED: Expert female guide - wilderness first responder Transportation from 175 street subway station in Manhattan or Fort Lee NJ (the pickup details will be sent to all participants). First Aid items What to bring: -A small backpack -Water bottle -Picnic and snacks -Hiking boots (sneakers are ok too for this hike) -sun hat Our journey begins at the historic and beautiful Bear Mountain Inn. Built in 1915 upon a plateau overlooking the shores of Hessian Lake, it’s a national treasure made of local stone and timber. We will start our ascent of Bear Mountain, a pretty rough 1.5 miles climb, enjoying the calm of the forest. It is a healthy challenge and we will stop as more as needed along the way. At the top we will admire the gorgeous Hudson River valley and spectacular mountain views... the perfect spot for a picnic. We will have time to chat and relax before starting our descent, using a section of the legendary Appalachian Trail. Back at the Bear Mountain lodge we will have some well deserved drinks before going back to the car! Your guide will drive you back to the city, and you will be home around 6pm, rejuvenated by fresh air, laughter and new friendships.

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