What we're about

WHENINUSA is an outcrop of Hiking with Cameras. We established this group to branch out from our already popular Hiking with Cameras group whose members have expressed an interest in moving beyond the Carolina borders. Our members are interested in traveling in the company of others. We are expanding our offering to include day trips, weekend trips, and week long trips or more. It's easier and safer when in the company of others and more fun.

The trips are designed with the photographer in mind.

Our locations are places we have been before unless the caption reads, "Newbie", which then means we haven't been there either.

Why travel alone when you can travel with fellow photographers who share the same enthusiasm and interests while enjoying the company of new friends all while visiting beautiful travel destinations ripe for photography.

So join us and make new friends, share the laughter and stories, create new memories. Enjoy the camaraderie and security of being within a group. And who knows, you may develop life long friendships.

Once on a trip, we are just as much a passenger as you. You get to pick what activities and groups to participate in.

WHAT WE ARE NOT....a singles dating site. Though we maybe single, it is not the intention of this group to find mates.

Picking Roommates--we will do our best to match to a compatible roommate. Please be honest. If you snore, we would like to pair you up with another snorer.

WHENINUSA is a happy group and our intention is for our travelers to be a happy group too. We strive to be non-judgmental and are open to everybody.

We also ask that you limit yourself to one suitcase that you can carry or lug around. And one shoulder bag or backpack. Pack light and wise.

You are not allowed to sell your travel package to other group members. We are not responsible for any lost deposits due to late cancellations or late final payments.

Indemity Agreement: By joining our meetup group you agree to hold the WHENINUSA and it's organizer, Wendy Olsen, and any Co-organizers free from liability or responsibility what so ever with regard to any negligent or intentional conduct of any third party including but not limited to Tour Company, Property Owners, etc. resulting in the loss of personal property, physical injury, monetary loss with regard to an event/meetup. In signing up, paying and attending any of our listed tours you are in agreement to the above. We don't allow guests in your RSVP. Each traveler must be an individual member of the group.

YOU ALSO AGREE TO MEETUPS RELEASE AS FOLLOWS: Release. Because we do not supervise or control the Meetup Group Meetings or interactions among or between members of Meetup Groups or Meetup Everywheres and other persons or companies, and because we are not involved in any way with physical transportation to or from Meetup Meetings or with the actions of any individuals at Meetup Meetings, and because we do not control Amazon.com, PayPal, credit card companies or other payment processing companies, and because we cannot guarantee the true identity, age, 3.3(b) (Meetup Everywhere Fees; New Meetup Everywhere Activation Fees), nationality of Platform users, and because we have very limited control, if any, over the quality, safety, morality, legality, truthfulness or accuracy of various aspects of the Platform you agree that you bear all risk and you agree to release us (and our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, and third party partners) and Organizers and Creators or Hosts and their designees from claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, now and in the future, arising out of or in any way connected with your use of the Platform, your Third Party Transactions, our resolution of any disputes among users, and/or your transportation to or from, attendance at, or the actions of you or other persons at, a Meetup Gathering.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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