Let's hike Northshore Trail, Lakeside to Murrell!

Sunset Point at Lakeside DFW

Northshore Trail · Grapevine, TX

How to find us

I will be the smiling blonde girl at the benches in front of the trailhead entrance. This will be directly behind the tall high rise Lakeside Tower under construction for reference.

Location image of event venue


Join us for a beautiful 5.5 mile hike; we all will have a great time getting to know each other along the way!

If you haven't been to Northshore before, it is one of the most popular DORBA trails in North Texas! It offers over 28 miles of trails that follow the north side of Lake Grapevine and provides stunning elevation changes that let you see the beauty of the lake and spans an area that seems ever-changing with many different "feels" of nature, from forests, beaches, large rock faces and even desert-like sections. If photos are your thing, get your cameras ready for some snap-worthy opportunities! We will even make it down to a beach where you can discover shiny natural talc and quartz by the handful!

*Please read directions carefully as it is a new trailhead* Lakeside entrance near Boardwalk (we haven't been to this loop on Northshore yet on a weekend hike but it's one of the prettiest with the most elevation changes throughout): From FM 2499, turn west on Lakeside Pkwy. Take the roundabout to Lakeside Pkwy and loop around the continue on Lakeside Pkwy towards the high-rise building under construction at
Edgemere Road, park as you approach (there is no parking on Edgemere Road itself as it is resident only). When you park, you will see on Edgemere Road a trailhead entrance with large boardwalk signs, meet here. If you can plug Lakeside Tower into your phone, that is the closest address I'd advise using.

This hike should take approximately 2.5 hours as we typically take breaks and match one another's speed as we go.
The event start time is the gathering time. Please meet at the trailhead at 9:30am. We'll wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled start time depending on if we are waiting on any late arrivers, while still respecting everyone's time, then get to know each other along the way as we hike!

After the hike we'll grab lunch for anyone that wants to join in. The Shops at Lakeside next to this trailhead entrance have lots of dining options!

Description, advice on how to prepare to hike the trail, and driving directions are here: http://dorba.org/trail.php?t=19

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