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Hiking With Pride ~ North Table Mountain Park (Sun, 05/04) [BEGINNER-STEADY]

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This is a relatively new trail system just built north of downtown Golden.

Lava flows formed North Table Mountain and it sister mesa, South Table Mountain, about 60 million years. Today, North Table Mountain Park visitors enjoy panoramic views and an above-it-all natural escape.

Expect about 450 feet of elevation gain in the first .6 miles. This ascent can be tough, but after that, the hike gets much easier.
Trail Details
WHERE: North Table Mountain Park

WHAT: Day Hiking
LENGTH: 5.9 mile loop
PACE: steady; 2 mph with plenty of time for pictures and breaks
CROWDS: expect to share the trail

TRAILHEAD TIME: Noon (12.00p)
DOGS: Park requires dogs must be leashed. Because off-leash dogs trip members while hiking, HWP requires dogs leashed when the group is in motion.
FITNESS LEVEL [beginner-steady]:
You should be in at least average shape. The .6 miles the hike will be a tougher climb. We will stick together, as a group or as subgroups of the larger group, and always communicate with other members of the group. We avoid hiking alone. We will never leave you behind.
Directions to Trailhead:
The trailhead is north of Golden on State Highway 93, just north of Pine Ridge Road. There are six dedicated spaces for horse trailers. Left turns are not permitted when leaving the parking lot and turning onto Highway 93.


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