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Sorry about the late notification. Anyone interested in joining me for a hike up to Panorama point tomorrow 10/22/18? I am not a guide and not responsible for any negative consequences you may encounter. This hike is about 5 miles round trip with about 1300 ft elevation gain. The weather is suppose to be great. The views are fabulous as are the fall colors right now. Bring your ten essentials and extra water layer clothing. Meet me at the curved steps above the visitors center at 9:00 sharp. I'll be wearing my pink BB cap.

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Dork (noun)

1. One who is a silly goose, who is smart and perhaps a little awkward, but is ultimately harmless. Should be used w/ positive connotation, unlike it's angry cousin "loser."

2. A dork is someone who can be themselves and is totally care free. They are occasionaly silly people, and are generally really funny.

3. Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.

We are here for EVERYONE!

Hiking with Dorks is a group of dorks, geeks, nerds, etc interested in getting some outdoor reinvigoration through camping, hiking, outdoors activities, etc with other like-minded individuals.

Inclusivity – All events are for all regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Kids, accompany your parents. Dogs, bring your owners.

We are an encouraging and enthusiastically helpful group of would-be adventurers with a positive attitude. We provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support to each other so everyone can enjoy the trails and outdoors. We're there for our fellow people.

We hike all around the Pacific Northwest. And go by the motto, "You pack it in, you pack it out."

What are the Self-Guided hikes?

Self-Guided hikes are hikes requested by members so that they would have other hikers to hike with. The hikes are posted so that there is a greater chance to find and meet up with other hikers. In this case, there would be no event leader on the hike so if you wanted to do the hike it is up to you to reach out to others that also RSVP and let them know you want to hike together. Many times if there were many RSVPs if you just show up at the specified time and place there would be others to hike with. If you enjoy hiking in groups, it is better to reach out ahead of time.

We do not require members to pay dues. However, there is a cost to maintaining this site so donations are appreciated. If you enjoy this group please consider contributing.

We look forward to hiking with you. If you are interested in suggesting a hike or becoming an event organizer, let us know. This is the meetup group to create your own meetups.

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