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What we're about

The is a group designed to build community and support professionals on the West side. Designed to be welcoming, a place for people to have fun, and hopefully to make lasting friendships.

Who can join?
This group is open to professionals single or married who want to network and socialize with others.

What kind of events?
Events will be varied based on group interest however, I am interested in doing a variety of events - from live music, movies (I like foreign films), science/history talks, when available, house parties, dinners, sports events, walks/hikes, and other events.

Location of events?
Events will be held more towards Hillsboro than to Portland. There might be events in Portland or out of town depending on what the group members.

Average age of the group?
Any professional can attend, however, most of the group will probably be over 40 years old.

Is this a singles group?
No, it is not designed to be that. Although, many times, Meetup groups are made up of people who are single; maybe newly divorced or just moved to the area. I will do events where we split the registration between men and women so we have a balance of people so that no one is the one woman or one guy at a party. If you meet (and you will) new friends wonderful...if one of them becomes a special friend, great. This would not prevent you or them from being in the group.

What does it mean to be part this Meetup?
Meetups are driven by the people with in them. This means:

• Having real, in-person conversations

• Being open and having honest intentions

• Always being safe and respectful to others in the group and whoever is hosting

Code of Conduct

• Be respectful of members within the group.

• You may not use this site to solicit or recruit other members you haven't met in person, including but not limited to "romantic come-ons" or "business opportunities."

• You may not harvest member photos or other personal information for non-group use.

• If you've been removed from another meetup group for cause, or have been the subject of multiple complaints from other members you're unlikely to fit in here. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Members is at the discretion of the leadership group.

RSVP/No Show

We understand that things sometimes come up last minute that are unavoidable, but it is important that every member is familiar with the group's RSVP policy.

Any member who shows a pattern of RSVP'ing "Yes" for events and then is a no show is at risk of being removed from the group. We try not to be rigid about this, so it's not a set number of "no shows" you are allowed.

To keep your member status in good standing, each member should strive to keep their RSVP to each event up to date so as to not inconvenience the event's organizer, the restaurant or other locale that we have given a head count number to, and the other group members that are left waiting for additional people to arrive before starting the planned event.

Thanks for understanding. Let us know if we can answer any questions or concerns you have about this policy.


All members need to read and acknowledge the liability agreement found at:

Note that this covers social and outdoor activity events which makes it long but accounts for most event types. You must make sure that your profile says "yes" to the questions whether you have read the liability agreement and agreed to it.

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