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We want active riders we are not interested in how big the group is, we would rather have a group of 20 people that want to ride often than a group of over 100 that won’t ride at all. We just want people who like to ride whenever they have an opportunity We are looking for people that like to ride and have fun with the group. We also want people who can do "short notice" rides we try to put rides together on Tuesday for that weekend Devin usually tries to schedule a ride every weekend and Ken will sometimes schedule his own rides during the week. Our rides are usually around 2 hours long with the destination being some place to eat, occasionally we will ride to an event and sometimes the rides will be an all day affair. We will need some leaders and organizers who will take an active part in the group and sometimes we will pick people to ride tail-gunner, wing man, and runner. we expect the more experienced riders to help newer riders and bring any safety concerns you see to the leadership team so we can make corrections. Also, some rides will be small group riding at a faster pace, these rides will be clearly marked as such.

Membership Rules

1. We only allow safe and sane riders if you like to do wheelies, cut in and out of traffic, tail gate, or do anything we find overly aggressive while riding in the group you will be removed from the membership.

2. Minimum safety gear will be worn on group rides, this includes a DOT or better certified helmet, if your helmet doesn’t have a visor you are required to wear some form of eye protection, gloves, a shirt or jacket, riding pants or jeans no shorts, and over the ankle boots no tennis shoes or sandals. If you show up without the minimum gear you will not be allowed to ride with the group.

3. No Alcohol while riding in the group, if we stop for lunch and you want to drink you will not be allowed to ride back with the group.

4. Riding order, the riding order will be set during the safety meeting the order will be as followed, the lead will be the organizer, his wing man or #2 rider will be a seasoned experienced rider preferably someone that has lead before, then come the less experienced riders, then the more experienced riders, a runner, and then the tail gunner. The runner is a new position I created and I will explain his job when we have our safety meeting.

5. No keyboard commandos if you have a complaint or a suggestion all messages need to be sent directly to the group leaders, not as a board discussion, if you do this we will remove you from the group and if anyone tags along and joins the conversation they will also be removed. We respect your opinions and ideas we will listen and give you every chance to get your point across, but we will not get drawn into a computer shouting match with everyone on the board. As for content on the board we will not tolerate any profanity, hate speech, or sexual harassment, this is more a less a family group and we do not want anyone feeling uncomfortable riding. If you violate this we will not hesitate and remove you and then ban you from re-joining the group.

6. Ride groups will be limited to 10 riders, if we schedule a ride and allow the RSVP to be more than 10 we will split into multiple groups with each group having a Leader and a Tail gunner, no exceptions. This is for safety and courtesy for the other people we share the road with.

7. Distance between you and the rider in front of you will need to be a 1 second interval, when you leave a gap it spreads the group out too long and makes it very difficult to manage and we also don’t want someone in a car dropping into our formation because someone left a gap big enough for them to do it. If you are given the catch up signal and you don’t maintain the correct distance you will be coached at the end of the ride.

8. We will not leave anyone behind or stuck on the side of the road, this is the precise reason we ride with a leader, a wing man, a runner, and a tail gunner. If someone breaks down or has to stop one of the 4 will stay with you and wait for help.

9. We do not allow any non-conventional motorcycles (Spyders, Slinghots, Trikes, or Scooters) all motorcycles are required to be at least 250cc and no more than 2 wheels. We understands that some people are no longer comfortable or able to ride on 2 wheels but some of our members aren't comfortable riding with the 3 wheelers so we feel it best to exclude them.

10. Be Safe, Participate, and have Fun. This club is more than just riding from point A to point B we will have fun contests, prizes, special rides, and fellowship. We want everyone to get to know each other and become good friends.

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