What we're about

This group is for people interested in developing relationships with nature and the environment through interactions with wild plants, landscapes, and other organisms. We will seek to develop ourselves intellectually through the shared study of wild plants, their taxonomy, Ethnobotany, and other related subjects. We will learn how to identify plants in wild landscapes and how to communicate about them scientifically using Latin bi-nomials. Interested members of this group will also have opportunities to work together on community-building projects, volunteer work, and social outreach involving humanities connection to plants and the environment. There is also a potential for some members to work together to develop new marketable products and services.

We will meet at least once per week at scheduled times and locations, usually in the Hillsborough area…but people living outside of the area can request meetings to be scheduled near them for convenience.

Meetings will consist of classes, lectures, and workshops related to wild plants and land management, as well as periods of time for members to discuss and schedule future goals. There will also be scheduled events where we meet outdoors to do wild plant ID tours, plant walks, and other outdoor demonstrations and educational activities.

All ages, races, ethnicities, and social backgrounds are encouraged to attend as this will add diversity and integrity to our group.

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Meet, Greet, Goals, and Optional Walk.

Sourland Mountain Preserve


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