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Perspective. This year's election looks to be crazier than most but perhaps not so much within the context of the last 200 years of 'historic' elections. We'll meet every two weeks to talk about an important election (1876!) or movement (Mugwumps!) or President (Jackson!). We'll survey the history and then draw parallels to today. After we've exhausted everything we can say about the Locofocos or Anti-Masonics we'll talk about 2016. We'll meet every two or three weeks after work in midtown. Depending on the group we'll end up in a bar or restaurant or office atrium. If you're interested in leading a meetup or have a special interest, let me know.

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The 2000 Election - Bush vs. Gore

Reichenbach Hall

Elections that changed America - 1980

Reichenbach Hall

Elections that changed America - 1968

875 3rd Ave building (second floor via escalators)

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