What we're about

Exploring timelines of the history Beyond what we were taught. To find events not taught in schools, example that in 1942 the Nazi's landed on Amagansett NY and Ponte Vredra Beach FL. Nikola Tesla won the lawsuit against Marconi on his Wireless/Radio Patent after Tesla died, but Engrg Colleges today still teach Marconi was the inventor. Also we were not taught that most of the middle eastern countries we know today were created after WW1 by direct intervention of the UK thru Gertrude Bell and E.T. Lawrence (2015 movie Queen of the Desert and 1962 movie Lawrence of Arabia) That during WW2 there allegedly was scientific experiments to hide ships from radar, but had a paranormal disaster, Book and Movie The Philadelphia Experiment. Then there is a non-fiction book and movie about 1970-1980 american military paranormal experiments, The Men Who Stare At Goats This group is open to all ideas and theories.