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Exploring timelines of the history Beyond what we were taught. To find events not taught in schools, example the Nazi landing on Long Island & Florida, Nikola Tesla won the lawsuit against Marconi after Tesla died, but Engrg Colleges today still teach Marconi was the inventor, when legally it was proven to be Tesla. FDR believed the UK was going to be more of a threat to America than the USSR after WW2 and so during WW2 FDR had 2 separate agreements & treaties signed by Churchill, but both FDR & Churchill die before WW2 ended, so did the UK live up to the USA treaties? US program MKULTRA in Canada. UFO crash in Roswell NM. And is it normal to name a town after someone's first name? (Roswell Smith). Also we were not taught that most of the middle eastern countries were created after WW1 by direct intervention of the UK thru Gertrude Bell and E.T. Lawrence and that the UK gave some M.E. countries to France for their silence. Piecing together events in order of timelines to reveal Hidden Histories that are not popular. This group is open to all ideas and theories.

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Lets talk about 1943... Philadelphia Exp / Montauk Project....

1943...interesting events, Hitlers British Nephew in Queens NY joins the US Navy, Nikola Tesla found dead in NYC, Philadelphia Experiement & its alledged connection to Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point NY..... One web sight I found claims to list all the Phil Exps, from 1942 to 1944, Maybe it's all false. But it does make sense. ..........However in the Montauk Project book series (author Preston Nichols) only mentions one test in 1943 that telleported a ship to Montauk area in 1973, then back to 1943, ripping a hole in time & dimensions giving aliens access to earth...........the list of Philadelphia Experiments on this weblink. https://www.de173.com/ships-of-the-experiment/ 1943, January 7, Nikola Tesla found dead in his NYC hotel. Allegations his room was ransacked by FBI, Nazi's & his communist Nephew. Below is the RADIO EUL0GY made by NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia (who spoke 5 languages) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEK7g0tqvDE 1943 February,a Texas housewife purchases the Austen TX Radio Station KTBC, while her congressman husband manages the FCC, that allows her to broadcast 24/7 into 88 counties in TX, then bullies CBS exec W.Paley in NYC to become affiliated broadcasting her radio on CBS radio stations in NY, CT, MA,CA, FL.... We are talking about Lady Bird & LBJ who will become VP under JFK and then President after JFK is murdered in TX A possible connection/involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment... I SOURCED THE INFORMATION BELOW FROM THE BOOK " Images of America: Oheka Castle"......... 1943, March 15, Radio men are trained at Otto Kahn estate in Huntington (OHEKA castle). (announced in newspaper LONG ISLANDER) this location was the highest point on Long Island. 1943, March 18, US Maritime Service leases part of the Otto Kahn estate (announced in newspaper LONG ISLANDER) why would a Water Military Service, US Maritime, choose a Land-locked environment... https://books.google.com/books?id=9BvST1ReczoC&pg=PA127&lpg=PA127&dq=otto+kahn+mansion+all+boys+school&source=bl&ots=JtpFNbeqY5&sig=pD0vKtKt1HCIZrJKnou-R0K6Okk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjM3tmJlPDWAhVDQiYKHXuUBs4Q6AEIUDAL#v=onepage&q=otto%20kahn%20mansion%20all%20boys%20school&f=false Hitler's British Nephew (William Hitler) living in Queens NY with his mom, promoting his book, WHY I HATE MY UNCLE, published by William Randolph Hearst. In 1943 President FDR approves to let Wm Hitler join the US NAVY (don't know if he's involved with Phil Exp or not) between[masked] Director of MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY, in Kings Pt, NY was "Retired" US Navy Vice Admiral Emory Scott Land, who lead the re-designs + bldg of 6,000 ships, a mix of Merchant Liberty Ships (cargo ships) + Naval auxiliaries....speculation was any of the "redesigns" involved with the Phildelphai Exp/Project Rainbow?????? President FDR had NYC's CBS President Bill Paley, become a colonel in the US Army in London to be the American Radio Director of the Allied Psychological Ware Fare group.....what a title....

Nikola Tesla, my wandering mind
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I read a theory that Nikola Tesla was trying prove to people that the earth has it's own unlimited (self renewable) Magnetic Electricity, and how to tap into it, and how to transmit it wireless. Tesla's fondness for homing pigeons that used the earths grid, lead him to think of Electricity flowing like water tributaries thru our sky and under ground. Like water, the natural electrical flow having a high-tide and low tide, and temporary storms/floods, such as every 11 yrs the earth is exposed to severe solar flares from the sun. If JP Morgan Sr or Jr. allowed Nikola Tesla to finish his work, then the threats of EMP pulse could only be a temporary problem. Because we suspect the earth's electrical grid could correct itself faster then humans rebuilding an artificial wired electric grid. But what are effects from the human artificial electric grid (wired & wireless)? How does it affect humans, insects, plants and animals (land,air & sea) ? The ever increasing cell phone towers, increasing satillites in our skies, knocking down forests to build more homes, offices and factory bldgs that require massive electrical wires under & above ground. Think about this artificial Electric Grid sitting next to the Earth's electric grid. Could be causing dimensions to slide? at times overlapping? bleed into each other? Could the alleged "hauntings", "ghosts" or "poltergiests" just be the veil thinning between 2 or 3 dimensions of living entities? Or could it be the warping our own timeline, where we can at times communicate with the past or future?

Possible Time Line events 1970+ Montauk Project
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In this I am looking for threads of event time lines that could have connections to the MONTUAK PROJECT Some events could be just coincidence, [masked], history of Coindre Hall in Huntintgon, a 30 room mansion owned by the Brothers of The Sacred Heart to run a Boys only School...Question: where any of their boys recruited for the Mantuak Project? http://www.hauntedhouses.com/states/ny/coindre-hall.htm [masked] Another All Boy Education System in a former Billionaire mansion, Otto Kahn Estate, aka OHEKA Castle in Huntington. Eastern Military Academy. Were any of them recruited to Montauk? http://www.ema-aa.com/ [masked] Another All Boy Education System in a former Billianaire mansion (110 rooms) in Oak Dale, NY. Owned and run by by French Catholic organization De La Salle Brothers, (shunned Irish Catholics) and the US ARMY ran the ROTC classes on site of LA SALLE MILITARY ACADEMY (LSMA). In 1960-late 1970's they had 200+ acres. (not to be confused with similar name De La Salle in Freeport) Were any of these Oakdale boys recruited to Montauk? http://www.longislandhistoryproject.org/?p=1991 1972 Vietnam, Army officer Bill Django witnesses the new american solders recruits are unable or unwilling to kill Viet Cong female commandos. Resulting in many US soldiers deaths. He goes on a bizzare quest to better train soldiers, Based on the book "The Men Who Stare At Goats" 1973 per a series of books, the US military does paranormal experiments first on soldiers, then on runaway teenage boys. The first book about it is The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. 1974 the Federal Gov claims eminent domain on a part of Boston OH, gov evicting people from their homes + business. Then in 2000 named the area the Cuyahoga Vally National Park. that area of the park is nick named "Helltown" 1974 The Senate Labor and Pubic Welfare Committee forceably ended biological & chemical testing that was being done on 80% of the HOLMESBURG PRISON inmates. Testing done without permission, or they were lied to about what the experiment were. 1980's the prisoners filed class action law suits against the Prison, Dow Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, The University of Pennsylvania, Dr Klingman and his company (name?)

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