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Powerful Analytical Tools for Today's Music Industry Professional

The Hit Songs Deconstructed platform offers unparalleled insight into the craft and trends behind today’s hit songs and empowers music industry professionals with actionable data and analysis that can't be found anywhere else.

It is the only resource that unites compositional analytics for the Hot 100 Top 10 with analysis of the songwriting and production techniques that went into crafting them.

Our mission is to provide creatives and music industry professionals with powerful interactive tools, data, and analysis to support their creative process, stay in tune with how today’s hits are evolving, and make strategic songwriting, production and business decisions.

The platform includes:

HIT SONG ANALYTICS: Stay in tune with which compositional characteristics are most prominent in the Top 10, which are on the rise, and which are in decline.

INDUSTRY TRENDS: Stay on top of who today's key industry players and influencers are through our quarterly trend reports.

200+ COMPOSITIONAL FILTERS: Search for compositional trends, find songs with specific compositional characteristics, identify prominent compositional traits that help create the signature sound for a specific songwriter, producer, or artist, and much more.HIT

SONG ANALYSIS: Take a deep dive into the songwriting and production techniques being used to craft today's hits through our song analysis reports and videos.DOWNLOADABLE DAWs: Take a deeper dive into the arrangement of some of today's most successful songs.

Our subscribers include songwriters, producers, engineers, publishers and labels around the world.

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