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What if computer/mathematical programmers contributed tokens of air travel miles, hotel rewards and/ or money on a regular basis as heartfelt connectors to support each other to pursue meaningful ventures?
What if the programmer that wants to support REMOTELY with development of curriculums, program evaluation, streamlining the budget and business strategy could help the programmer that would TRAVEL to a place or country to conduct seminars, teach programming languages, host career workshops, organize networking events and capture feedback in LIVE sessions? And what if both tenets acted in tandem as two sides of the same coin to close the gap in technology education one programmer at a time?
At Coders Who Travel Inc. (CWT), we believe that it is possible for the world community of programmers or coders to band together and have a system to support each other in this pursuit of meaningfulness. A system where costs and risks are distributed among those who are in developed countries, those who are in developing countries as well as those who are caught between- what we call bridge-builders.
Our idea was conceived sometime in February 2016 as an after-thought. But it was not until December 2016 that this organization was officially filed after careful thought! Between November 2015 and December 2015, our current President traveled to Ghana to launch seven (7) Maiden events organized around computer/mathematical programming languages, career workshops, seminar and networking events. As someone put it, she did a “year’s work in a week”.
Since then, a community of women thrives and exist to support each other by replicating the modules she exampled. The purpose was to target women in her native country who live in the Capital; Accra and give back. Just because she had walked in their shoes before! She found women who fit a different narrative on a continent often associated with calamity. She discovered actually that, they had the same stock as she did. And that with a little help, these women were well on their way to impacting their own communities through coding.
While the purposeful trip was very fulfilling and totally rewarding, the idea that she could not afford – immediately- to take another trip to connect with the community of women she created left her dreaming of a solution. Sifting through her actualized expenses, she had an idea. Fortunately she had great friends, former & current colleagues and others from all walks of life who had time to listen to the challenges she faced and collectively cared to help her use the lessons she learned to carve a new path forward. CWT is that path.
Thank you for your interest! We invite you to join this adventure. Yours does not have to be a coding hub too but wait. Whatever is on your heart, we believe that when a programmer/coder travels great things can happen.

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