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(Travel, make new friends, practice English, Western-Vietnamese friendship building)

[ Experiencing tour to Vung Tau in 28-29/ September ( 2 days 1 night). Language exchange, cultural exchange, visit well-known destinations, enjoy gorgeous landscapes, participating in team-building interesting activities ].

Chau Pha sheep garden hill- Suoi Nghe, cooking competition- fire camp- camping overnight.
Enjoy tasteful dishes- on beach football game- water games in luxury Hodota Resort- drink Long Thanh cow-milk.

On 2 days 28-29/ September, travelling group CET organizes an experiencing tour to Vung Tau. The trip is designed with the spirit to travel fantastic destinations, enjoying good local food and creating a bridge for making new friends through interesting team-building activities.

All Tour contents are built in English. All foreigners and Vietnamese people are welcome to join.

Day 1: Participating in team-building activities on-board (car) such as truth or dare, catch the word, etc. Visit and enjoy romantic atmosphere, play with sheeps in Chau Pha sheep garden hill- Suoi Nghe. Have lunch at luxury Hodota Resort restaurant, lunch rest. In the afternoon, tourist group takes part in big cooking competition ( meat BBQ, etc); having experience on making food by traditional Vietnamese recipes. Night is the time for energetic joyful games, activities around fire camp such as blind man’s bluff, blind man hit watermelon, etc. In addition, music repertoires ( karaoke, dancing, etc) which are self-performed by tour members play role raising friendships among the tourist group. End of day, tourist group spends night on campsite, looking forward to the next beautiful morning.

Day 2: In the morning, team-building on sand football game takes place on the beach of Resort Hodota. After the funny game, tourist group have buffet breakfast at luxury Hodota resort restaurant. Water games with awards ( sailboat race, inflatable jumping bag, etc) are the highlight of the day’s activities. Moreover, tour members feel free to join unique interesting games only at Hodota resort such as water rope swings, wrestling in inflatable bag, etc. After a dynamic morning, tourist group have lunch and rest in the Hodota restaurant. Tourist members have time swimming and sunbathing at the romantic Vung Tau beach. In the afternoon, the group heads to Ho Chi Minh city, taste fresh specialty Long Thanh cow’s milk. End of the tour.

Time: 28-29/ September ( 2 days 1 night).
training day before the trip: 3-5pm, 25/September.
Fees: 1 million 750k VND.
[ Moving cost
- Entrance ticket
- Tour guide cost / Management cost
- Trip insurance
- Rent the grill oven for making BBQ
- Tent rental cost, 3 meals Combo (Dinner – Breakfast - Lunch )

Link to register: http://bit.ly/ENGLISHCAMPINGCET
Link to demo video of previous trip: https://bit.ly/2kDU0BC

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