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What we're about

Hobbyists, generalists, and introspective extroverts- everyone is welcome. Even gremlins.

This is for those projects that sit in the back of your mind, with or without a timeline.
bring your:
1) Paint & Easel
2) Chisel & Stone
3) half finished royal tapestries
4) Trilogies yet to be written down
5) subjectively funny jokes

6) Anything that is somewhat portable

Whatever the hobby is, this is a self directed time to work on this "thing!".
The last 15 minutes are designated to optional sharing of work and/or delving into a philosophical work that could be attributed to your day to day conundrum or have no mental association at all. (famous essays, an excerpt from a philosophical work, a miss-spelled fortune cookie etc....)

Mostly I use these for inspiration - and also just to chew into my brain for later Ahas!
Again, self directed- so feel free to wander off if you feel so inclined.

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