Daria A. R.Daria A. R.

Daria A. R.



Hoboken, NJ

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Jun 25, 2019


Professional groomer. Love water sports. Recently moved to Hoboken and want to do something besides yoga and running

What type of paddling do you enjoy?

Kayaking and canoe

Tell me just a little about your experience level!

Expert when I was a kid, won races and everything. Then there was a huge gap where I didn’t row at all. Haven’t been on a kayak in 2 years

Are you interested in Kayak/SUP instruction? If so, what are you looking to learn?

Something new?

Are you interested in volunteering in hoboken? If so, what times during the week would you prefer to paddle?

After 6pm most days, and Sunday mid morning - afternoon.

Can you swim?

Very well.