Reiki & Sound bath; Chakra Revitalization.

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Chakras are the energy centers of the body. In Hindu and yoga teachings Chakras have been recognized for thousands of years, and recently the knowledge is spreading to the Western cultures . Chakra's energy points are our life force or "subtle body" - most times referred to as Spiritual Energy, Prana or Ch'i. In ancient Sanskrit Chakra means "wheel", and Chakras are often felt by healers and practitioners as a spinning wheel of energy. The seven main Chakras are linked to nerve centers along the spine and also connected with various organs and endocrine glands throughout the body. when our chakras are blocked or overactive they create health problems and emotional stress. Although the Chakra's are linked to certain colors, they change every time based on mood, illness or state of your spiritual body.

In this intimate Sound baths session I'll use the Crystal Singing bowls, drums, Tibetan bowls, ancient solfeggio Chakra frequencies , pyramid crystals and other relaxing musical instruments as needed. Everything has its own vibrations and the energies and vibrations from these instruments help balance the natural rhythm or frequencies of our natural state. Helps ease anxiety and depression, improves mood and overall wellbeing. When used in conjunction with meditation; it helps quiet the mind as we just ride on the high vibrating waves of sound creating inner calm and mental clarity.

Our intention will be to Open, Clear and Revitalize our main 7 chakras.

Requested donation: $10 - $20