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Navigating Your Life To Success With Modern Spirituality
Navigating Your Life to Success through Modern Spirituality Summary: This class will help create awareness of ones own personal power while giving students helpful information on how to stay emotionally balanced while increasing their energy levels and maintaining mental clarity and focus, so they can manifest the life experiences they want to have with ease. Goals: Understand the spirit side of yourself and the spirit world. Utilize the tools and information from this course in your every day life. Become more emotionally grounded. Learn how to read energy Increased Energy and Focus Itinerary: Activating the intuitive mind and stabilizing the breath. Dogma and Deity Awareness of your higher self by establishing an inner sanctum, and the importance of meditation Setting your self up for success through spiritual ritual Creating your reality, through the Creative genius process The subconscious mind is a net, how to catch the life experiences you want to have. Suppressed emotional energies and how they manifest in the body, mind, and spirit The Art of Perception Spirit speaks through everything and Everyone Language of signs and symbols, numbers, shapes and a few examples What are perception filters and emotional imprints? D. An Exercise in clearing your perception filters. What is your body broadcasting? A lesson in reading energy Chords, chakras, angel guides and other spiritual and holistic lingo How to gain Spiritual Nutrition This meetup like all my classes and services are designed to help individuals move forward along on their personal and spiritual journey by learning tools and incorporating spiritual principals and holistic practices in a safe and supportive environment with like-minded individuals. This is a 90 minute interactive workshop. In this workshop we will learn: Karma clearing/ psychic healing is, and how it can be applied to transform all areas of ones life. Please come on time. If you have any questions about this workshop please contact Laura Schwalm at [masked] or call[masked] Love and light, • What to bring This class is donation based suggested donation $10.00-$15.00 please bring pen and paper • Important to know All classes can be recorded

Anastasia Island library

124 Sea Grove library Main Street St. Augustine · Florida , FL

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This group presents information, experiences and news to evoke full human potential. Welcome to Spiritual Transitions! My name is Laura Schwalm-Anthony and I am a Master Psychic Healer, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Modern day Spiritualist. I have over 18 years experience in helping people all over the world heal and balance their body, mind and spirit. I look forward to sharing the information which I have learned, not only through books but through physical practice and experiences. In this group we will learn about many different Holistic and Spiritual principals and practices. The topics are listed below This group meets approximately once a month In this group we will learn how to Heal the spirit part of ourselves. How to use Universal and spiritual laws to secure happiness. Student/Healers, will also learn how to incorporate Holistic Health and lifestyle wellness to create balance and all around wellness into their everyday life. Every time the group meets it will have specific focus, practice and exercises in order to get the most benefit from the material covered that day. Members who are interested in enhancing their own intuitive, spiritual and healing capabilities are welcome to join as well. This meetup is designed to help individuals move forward along on their personal and spiritual journey by learning tools and incorporating spiritual principals and holistic practices in a safe and supportive environment with like-minded individuals. Space is Limited so RSVP Today! This Group will cover topics such as: Psychic development Healing the spirit Healing through nutrition Tuning Forks It's all about Energy and Energy Sensing It's all about Vibration The Chakra's under active & overactive imbalances Spiritual laws, Universal laws, & Cosmic Laws Where Science and Spirituality Meet Spiritual Diseases Crystals Meanings and Uses/ Healing lay out Conditions/Karma Dharma Deity Dogma Spiritual Response Technique Emotional Clearing, Balancing & Centering Entities, Spiritual Chords & Protection The Aura, Tears, Holes, and Color Meanings Mastering your Emotions with Channeling Spiritual Rituals The Brain Shamanism Psi Cards, Medicine Cards & Tarot Cards Past Life Soul Retrieval Understanding your 3 psychic Centers Samskaras Clean Eating Easy/ beginners Vegan Cooking/ How to use Vita mix, Dehydrator, Prep. How to Detox Healing and Detoxing Ayurvedic Healing and Detoxing Exercises in Emotional healing Exercises in Sensing Energy Intuition and Reading Sensitivity vs Empathy Shadow work Body Mind work Spiritual Structuring and how to build a strong core foundation of yourself through holistic and spiritual living How to look at your life from a deity perspective How to peel away the layers of karma How to confront and heal your karma Lifestyle Wellness: Tips and Rituals to keep spiritually and physically aligned Emotional Imprints: Learn the core beliefs that create your life Where Science and Spirit meet: How your physical body is affected by your mind The Chakras and emotional/psychological Blocks Tips and Exercises on how to effectively cope with anxiety , depression , negative emotions and concerns Awareness of Self and being present and proactive Spiritual Rituals and Training The Nervous System The topics which we cover in this group are meant to give you an understanding on how healing can be achieved, through these different holistic and spiritual principals and practices. As a Master Psychic Healer, I have studied all of these topics to not only heal others but myself. I know the knowledge which I share within this group is Transformational. My clients as well as myself have experienced better health and all around wellness from the information taught within this group. Some examples are, learning to deal with stress and emotions more productively,became more pro active in life , expanded awareness, and increased intuition. Fee can be paid via paypal or cash at the door. If paying by cash please contact me so I can reserve a space for you. Space is limited to sign up today! Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have regarding our group and workshops.

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