Spiritual Practitioner Peer Support Group

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Every 1st Monday of the month

Price: $10.00

Awaken Center for Human Evolution

1553 Easton Rd · Warrington, PA

How to find us

We're on 611. Heading North: a few blocks past Bristol Rd on the right, just before TJ Smith’s and Kelly Rd. Heading South from Doylestown: immediately after TJ Smith's get into the middle turn lane to turn left into the driveway.

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We have reached a time in our existence where humanity is awakening, spiritually, en masse. The newly awakened will search for guidance – teachers, mentors, leaders and healers. They will search for us.

It's becoming more and more necessary to have support in the amazing and crucial work that we are doing. Energy has changed so much over the past few years and is now extremely intense! Old and deep wounds are coming to the surface for everyone on this planet for healing. This is heavy stuff and I, for one, am really feeling the weight and responsibility of the tough work I have been doing. People are now so much more receptive to alternative healing, and we will continue to get busier and busier, as the energy demands. There is need for a system of support for those leading and assisting these souls on their journey. We need people around us who understand!

The spiritual practitioner peer group is created with intention to fulfill that need with monthly gathering of local spiritual practitioners- readers, healers, etc.

This group will be a container for us practitioners to support, validate, teach and learn from each other unconditionally and without judgement. It's also a way to process what we experience and help keep each other in check and protected from any harshness and negativity that may be attracted to us. Let's come together, in support of each other, and in support of the journey.

Please invite any other relevant/ possibly interested parties to this group!
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The Awaken Center is on 611 in Warrington, PA. It's a yellow building set back from the road with plenty of parking. There's a sharp turn into the driveway, so take it slow and look for the break in the guardrail.

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