• FREE! - Wellbeing Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance Evenings Jan/Feb 2019
    "WELLBEING DRUMMING + TRIBAL CIRCLE DANCES" 4 x Tuesday Evenings Course from Jan. 15th to Feb. 4th 2019, 7pm-9pm TO CONFIRM YOUR *FREE* PLACE you must book in advance with Swavesey College [see below for details] and complete an enrolment form. Suitable for beginners and for experienced 'frame drum + beater' drummers. Drums & Rattles provided + Full instruction & Support. Inside each of us is a repressed 'wild child of nature' struggling, rebellious and miserable in a frustrating world of constant constraints... rules, regulations, demands, pressures, responsibilities & expectations! Occasionally we need to find a safe way to express our creative, free spirit 'wildness' with like-minded others! Occasional breaks out of the strait jacket of civilised living greatly restore vitality, passion and aliveness!... Drumming helps us to experience being in harmony with the natural rhythms of life and helps us to release negative feelings, energy blocks and emotional trauma. Drumming brings you more fully into the present moment [mindfulness training] and provides a medium for individual spontaneity, creativity & self-realisation. Rhythmic drumming when accompanied by chanting & simple symbolic circle dance movements, has the power to calm anxiety, centre if off-balance, lift depression, release anger & other toxic emotions, boost the immune system, enhance health and stress-resilience. Co-creative group-drumming builds self-confidence & self-esteem & a stronger sense of connectedness to oneself [self-integration] & others [partnerships & team-building]. Meditative and cathartic pow-wow drumming [multi-person drums] sessions are woven into your wide-ranging day of magical, therapeutic drumming experiences . Venue: Swavesey College [A14, between Cambridge & St. Ives] http://www.lovehealth.co.uk/maps/swavesey.htm TO BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE call Swavesey College Adult Education on[masked] or email: [masked] Course Brochure: http://www.fullyalive.me.uk/courses/WellbeingDRUMandDANCEJan2019.pdf Drumming Circle website: http://www.fullyalive.me.uk/drum.htm Related Events: http://www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm ---oOo---

    Swavesey Village College

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  • Dream Analysis - Empowered Living via Your Dreams! - Sat. Sept. 29th
    WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS TRYING TO TELL YOU? WHAT TREASURES OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE & INSPIRATION DO THEY HOLD? Workshop Brochure: www.fullyalive.me.uk/courses/dreamwork.pdf DREAMS ARE YOUR GATEWEAY TO INNER PEACE, SO... How can your dreams help your sub-conscious mind to solve its struggles & conflicts? How can you tap into the phenomenal creativity and wisdom of your unconscious mind? How can you transform dream-demons and terrors into self-empowering assets? How can you improve the quality of your dreams? How can you reduce disturbing dreams or florid over-dreaming? These questions are our focus in this workshop plus we will be engaging in key exercises to develop your skills in dream processing and resolution. It's time to stop asking desperate, fruitless questions like "What does this dream mean??" and learn instead how to engage in psychotherapeutic, direct & personal DYNAMIC DREAM-PROCESSING SKILLS such as... ** EMOTIONAL UNWRAPPING & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION for dreams & nightmares ** PSYCHODRAMA APPROACHES to dream clarification & resolution ** DREAM RE-ENTRY [to progress resolution] ** VISIONARY JOURNEYING [dreams as launchpads] to enlist the help of your POWER ANIMALS & SPIRIT GUIDES VENUE: Sawston Village College, New Road, Sawston Cambridge CB22 3BP BOOKING:[masked] [9am-1pm] or Email: [masked] Cost = £30. At the start of the course you will be required sign a confidentiality agreement which makes the course a safe place for people to share personal experiences. More Courses like this: http://www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm

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