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Are you ready to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with peace, passion and purpose? Then Holistic Choices, Healthy Balanced Lifestyle meetup group is what you need. This group is dedicated and committed to helping the members reach their wellness dreams & goals by sharing tips, tools and techniques in mindfulness, meditation, Qigong, Integrative Nutrition, conscious awareness, breathing techniques, essential oils and many other holistic approaches.

Each member will have the opportunity to assess the balance in their lives and create a personal "Whole-Body" plan to create a healthy lifestyle that provides them with peace of body, mind and spirit. Meetups will cover many topics that will help members on their journey with a main focus on eating healthy, reducing stress plus awakening their spiritual with many activities. Believe me, You will Walk away from the monthly meetings with activities and idea to implement immediately.

Members will be encouraged to create more peace in their lives, live with passion and strive for their purpose each and every day. This is a group of sharing and caring with heart and soul.

We are looking for members who are dedicated and committed to their Health & Wellness goals. When you join, you have a trial period of 30 days to decide if this group can help you meet your needs. During this time you will have a few opportunities to learn more:

1) Contact me (Kelly) the organizer, to discuss your health & wellness goals. I would love to hear from you.

2) Attend an Introduction Meetup called - Creating "Body, Mind and Spiritual" Balance Meetup. This meeting is presented every few weeks and will give you a great opportunity to see the structure of most monthly meetups, mission of the group, experience some holistic approaches (meditation, mindfulness, breath work, aromatherapy and qigong) plus a little self-awareness) to creating balance.

3) I will email you a pre-recorded webinar on the 5 Pillars of Holistic Wellness.

4) An opportunity to attend a Wellness Inventory / Integrative Nutrition event.


Please make your monthly payment Fee of $15.00. If you do not make a payment, you will be removed from the group after 30 days. This FEE helps to pay for 7.5% processing fees, handouts, printing, supplies, time to research, room setup, and the pulling together of information, room fees, meetup fees, refreshments and much more. A lot goes into facilitating this group, and I (Kelly Haywiser - Your Holistic Lifestyle Coach) am committed and dedicated to providing you with tips, tools and techniques to make Holistic Choices for a a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle.


New Monthly meetups will be posted for you to attend under this membership. Here is where we:

• Experience some Holistic Approaches (Meditations, Guided Imagery, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness activities, yoga/qigong, Breath Work, and much more...)

• Explore Topics on living a holistic lifestyle and making Holistic Choices with presentations/open discussions.

• Listen to key speakers and take field trips to local markets, yoga studios, labyrinths, and various areas that provide us with ways to find peace and passion for life.

• Attend classes and workshops (extra fees may exist) that focus on main key topics.


Plus ask about 2 COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS that are for those who wish dive deep into balancing their life and incorporate Integrative Nutrition in a more structured, guided focus manner. (Group and Private) - Plus this includes the Monthly Group Meetups.

• Access to the powerful Wellness Inventory System for a Life Balancing Assessment, Key Resource Center, Goal Tracking, Email Reminders and Online Journaling

• Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching sessions

• Part of a Private FB group

• Weekly and Bi-Weekly Support on your wellness goals

• Program Handouts, Exercises, Recipes and Meal Plan

• A Free copy of guide called "YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE", a women's holistic guide to peace, passion and purpose -- Men you can definitely enjoy this interactive guide as well.

Your options are here to make a major impact in your life. You can pick and what path meets your needs.

Remember to contact me, if you wish to learn more and help make a decision.


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