Embracing Abundance - From limits to Opportunities | Super Early birds


Do you feel resistances when it comes to money? Have you noticed an unbalance between giving and receiving in your life? Are you struggling to charge money for your work? Are you an Artist, Holistic practitioner or a creative person feeling that you don't deserve to be paid for your hard work? Is abundance never on its way even if you have tried to manifested in many ways?

If the answer to all or some of this questions is yes, this work is the perfect one for you!

Sometimes we focus on the effect, the consequences of something without taking the time to get to the root of the blockages.
To transform certain limits into opportunities we have to dig deeper into the more hidden mechanism of our soul.

Some of us may feel inadequate, guilty, shame, possessiveness or superficiality when it comes to money.
For others, there is never enough, they are never happy with what they have, becoming obsessed and greedy. This workshop will allow you to discover and understand the unbalances that you may experience when it comes to abundance, causing a complicated and frustrating relationship with money.

We will use meditation, specific exercises, EFT and the 101 desires technique to understand, process and work through the resistances.

I have also chosen this specific time of the year because it is very magical. Beyond the materialistic aspects of Christmas and New year our Spirits have a real chance to connect with who we truly are and our deepest needs.

This workshop is the perfect beginning for a fresh, new, abundant start! Don't miss it! Limited spots available.


11:20 Welcome
11:40 Ganesh and the Muladhara Chakra
12:00 Meeting the resistances within the body (exercise)
12:40 What money means to me? (exercise)
13:15 Break

13:45 Eft and limiting self beliefs
14:40 Giving and receiving (exercise)
15:10 Svadishtana and the 101 desires (exercise)
15:40 Final meditation and blessing

- bring a banknote with you (don't worry you will have it back :)
- A bottle of water.
- Wear comfortable clothing
- Arrive on time, location will be announced soon

4 hours

£31 OR 2X£53 Super early birds (Until the 8th of December)
£44 or 2x£71 Early birds (Until the 22th of December)
£53 Normal fees

To book 2 spots make a payment to:
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Send an email with your details to [masked]

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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