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Yoga Restorative Class & Singing Bowl Meditation

This Meetup is past


Yoga Restorative Class & Singing Bowl Meditation This class is perfect for first timers and regular yogis. We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to rest. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely.

During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, serum triglycerides and blood sugar levels in the blood, the increase of the "good cholesterol" levels, as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, the reduction of muscle tension, insomnia and generalized fatigue

Please RSVP to reserve your spot since there is only room for a limited amount of people.

All RSVP's to attend must Call/text Janet 630-951-8059

Pre-payment is now required to hold your spot and to limit no shows

Cost is $15

A credit card number will be taken over the phone and only charged if you no show, however you may change how you want to pay at the time of the event to cash or check.

This event starts promptly. So please be sure to arrive 15 min earlier to get settled.


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