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Balance your Chakras Private Vibrational Sound Healing Bath,Access Bars Sessions
Self Care for your SOUL Recalibrate, release your anxieties & heal deeply. Press the pause button- relax, release, and recharge your batteries and get grounded refreshed and revitalized Are you ready to try something new?! Traditional healthcare is not your only option, let Sheri Kaplan heal Physical & Emotional discomfort in the Body, Heart & Soul. She is the one-stop holistic healer in Hollywood, Florida! “She did more in an hour than months of chiropractic visits. I highly recommend setting up a session with her and see for yourself her true healing gifts" ~Camille L. "Working with Sheri is the perfect balance. She gets you out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body…if you don’t believe it, go see her. She’ll change your mind (and your spirit).” Cynthia M. Sound Healing is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways: Activates Higher States of -Consciousness Unlocks Blocked Emotions Relieves Anxiety and Stress Induces Complete Relaxation Promotes Deep Meditation Heightens Clarity Improves Ability to Concentrate Relieves Insomnia Decreases Depression Normalizes Blood Pressure Relieves Physical Pain Release Emotional Trauma ➙Would you or someone you know like to Bask In Sound Healing Vibrations experience? ➙ Or would you like to Access the internal workings of your mind with the Access Consciousness bars? ➙Did you ever experience your body being surrounded by singing healing Tibetan Bowls? ➙Or feel the Vibration of the Belly bowl on your body… where every cell vibrates from the top of your head to your toes? (Look behind the scenes in this video!) Put yourself first and make an appointment from noon- 6pm by Sheri Kaplan, organizer of Healers Network and Revitalizing Mondays now Revitalizing Tuesdays. Sheri Kaplan provides one on one Sound Healing Chakra Balancing Access Bars sessions by appointment only Sheri Kaplan offers Private transformational Sound Healing sessions by appointment. She incorporates a MULTI-SENSORY approach in these healing sessions using a unique combination of techniques; Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Tibetan and singing crystal bowls, gong, Reiki, sacred geometry Crystal's, Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, aromatherapy, transformational coaching, Shamanic work and intuitive readings. Sheri Kaplan is the only Healer you need to go to, so stop running all over town! To reserve a session you may text her at[masked] or private message. She does not take walk in’s. Join Meet Up Group Here Join Facebook Group: NEW: Sign Up for Text Message REMINDERS here: I have a free gift for you! My gift of health to you is at your fingertips, save to your phone and listen anytime and shut down your mind and meditate. Just Text ‘SHERI’ to 96000 to join my Sound Healing text club . Visit website for testimonials, #removeanxiety #nomorefear #energyoutofwhack #painrelief #selfcare #TreatYourSelf #healing #energyhealing #MindBodySoul #soundhealing #reiki #accessconciousnessbars #soundbath #crystals #love #sherikaplan #tesla #singingcrystalbowl #tibetanbowls #gong #energyhealing #meditation #chakrabalance #awareness #soundhealingbath

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6601 N.W. 14th St. Suite 11 · Plantation, fl

What we're about

“This is a group for anyone interested in maintaining and sustaining their chronic illness with WHOLISTIC or alternative approach to WELLNESS thru gathering of like minds.

All are welcome. I started this group because I have been on a quest for over 20 year to keep myself as medication free as possible from a "now" manageable... yet chronic illness with my auto immune system.

"Healing Does not take place in a bottle." Dr Jon Kaiser

To provide peer support to prevent, delay and manage chronic illness.
We strive to educate on self healing and encourage Holistic Wellness of the whole body, bringing total balance of the body mind and spirit.

Our goal is to improve health and quality of life for those living with or affected by chronic illness through stress reduction, pain management, coping skills, proper food choices, to help reduce or eliminate symptoms including side effects.

Target populations of special interest include any one coping with a chronic illness

Anxiety & Panic disorder
Autoimmune Disease
Back problems
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic pain
Crohn's Disease
Digestive System Diseases
Endocrine & Vascular disorders
Headaches & Migraines
Heart Disease/Stroke
Hepatitis B & C/Cirrhosis
High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Mental Illness
Multiple Sclerosis
Neurological disorders
Respiratory Disorders

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